Incoatec and Bruker AXS Announce IuS

Date Posted: Monday, August 07, 2006

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  GmbH and Bruker AXS Inc. have announced the launch of their IuS™ X-ray microsource at  ECM 23  (European Crystallographic Meeting).

IuS is an optimized, high-brilliance X-ray source incorporating a 30 W micro-focus sealed tube together with high-performance Montel multilayer X-ray optics.

The IuS offers numerous benefits: it has no moving parts, has a very long lifetime without maintenance, is extremely stable, does not require water-cooling, is easy to replace, and has low cost of ownership comparable to common sealed tubes.

The IuS is significantly more intense than previous microfocus source designs and provides a photon intensity which is up to five times higher than a conventional sealed tube system that is comparable to a conventional 5.4 kW-class rotating anode generator.

The IuS is thus a highly affordable replacement for older high-power rotating anode sources, offering high performance together with customer convenience and low operating costs.

"During the joint Incoatec and Bruker AXS development of the IuS, data quality was the key objective," stated Dr. Carsten Michaelsen, Managing Director of Incoatec.

"Integrated into a single crystal diffraction setup, data was collected on insulin with 10 seconds of exposure per frame, resulting in a diffraction signal down to 1.5 A resolution."

"Due to the high IuS stability, SAD phasing of insulin was possible down to 2.2 A. The data we collected was better than data from a conventional 5.4 kW rotating anode system."

"For our NANOSTAR™, Bruker AXS Small Angle X-ray Scattering instrument, there is a factor of five intensity gain of the IuS over a conventional sealed-tube setup," commented Dr. Frank Burgazy, Executive Vice President of Bruker AXS.

"This intensity gain is the optimum achievable value as predicted from ray tracing calculations."

The IuS can be integrated into a variety of X-ray analytical systems for a range of applications.

Its compact design makes the IuS an attractive component for many academic and industrial materials research organizations to upgrade their existing X-ray analytical instruments to cutting-edge performances.

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