Pharmaceutical Law Europe, London, UK

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 - Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Following extensive research among senior legal professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, this years essential Pharmaceutical Law event will address high-priority issues and controversies around product liability, parallel trade, trademark protection and contract law. Counsels have also told us that sharing experience and knowledge with their peers is more important than ever in helping identify and examine potential approaches and solutions to these issues.

This meeting is the ONLY Pharmaceutical Law event in Europe and draws on the experience of senior legal experts from key European pharmaceutical companies, who will be using recent case law to provide practical, grounded context for their presentations on the hot legal topics facing European pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechs, including compliance programmes, patent law, pricing, regulatory and antitrust issues. To stay on track with latest industry developments and to network with an international audience of fellow legal professionals working in the pharmaceutical sector, this is a conference you cannot afford to miss.

In addition to the intense learning opportunity that the event offers, we’ve been careful to disperse the presentations with various opportunities for socialising and networking with other speakers and delegates.

Contact: Stewart Bundock
Phone: +44 20 7753 4201

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