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Mettler Unveils Customized pH Meter

Date Posted: Monday, July 17, 2006

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Mettler Toledo has introduced a pH kit specific to the biotech/biopharm industries. The S20BIO pH meter is a complete kit that combines the S20 SevenEasy pH meter, a Tris compatible InLab® 410 pH electrode and all necessary cables and buffer standards ideal for running samples in the biotech/biopharm industries.

The S20 SevenEasy pH meter features an intuitive interface with visual icons for simple operation.

The built-in automatic temperature compensation adds convenience by allowing the electrode signal to be corrected for temperature effects, and the automatic endpoint improves the reproducibility of the measurement and safeguards the quality of the results.

The unit also comes standard with automatic buffer recognition which is designed to speed up calibration features and eliminates unnecessary error messages.

The InLab®410 electrode is a glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor and MultiPin head. It is designed for accurate measurement in a wide range of sample types.

Mettler claims that, the Argenthal™ reference system ensures no silver ion contamination so Tris buffers and protein-containing samples are no problem.

Equithal™ action is designed to ensure fast thermal equilibrium and measures samples of varying temperatures.

The integrated NTC 30kO temperature sensor adds convenience by allowing users to calibrate at room temperature and measure at temperatures specific to the sample.

"These meters are a great addition to our offering because they specifically address the most common applications in these laboratories," offers Instrument Market Manager, George McLean.

"Lab managers in a biotech/biopharm lab no longer have the task of searching for the right meter/electrode combination - the S20BIO is the clearly the choice for them."

Further Information: http://www.mt.com

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