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Genedata Collaborates with HepatoSys Systems Biology Competence Network

Date Posted: Monday, July 10, 2006

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Genedata has announced its collaboration with HepatoSys, a consortium of German research centres that aim to understand the physiology and pathophysiology of the human liver using systems biology.

Together with the consortium’s academic members, Genedata has developed a computational system to analyze molecular processes in mammalian liver cells.

The HepatoSys multidisciplinary network will investigate signaling pathways, gene regulation mechanisms, cell signaling dynamics and metabolic activity in hepatocytes, the main liver cell type.

"HepatoSys will combine simulations of cellular events with experimental data analysis to yield novel insights about the complex biochemical functions of the liver," says Professor Jens Timmer, scientific spokesman for HepatoSys.

Genedata has developed an established computational platform for systems biology research comprising Genedata Phylosopher® for investigating pathways, and Genedata Expressionist® for analysing large volumes of complex molecular data.

The platform is currently used by major research groups to enhance drug discovery and development.

HepatoSys has licensed this platform to manage research data, and to integrate and analyze transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic data.

In addition, Genedata is developing a customised integrated data management solution, based on this platform, for the HepatoSys network.

The solution will feature a specialized data management resource to represent dynamic pathway models.

This is designed to enable scientists to store and exchange research results, such as mathematical models of cellular signal transduction pathways, together with relevant simulation results.

Professor Timmer added, "We are glad to have Genedata as a partner to support our ambitious systems biology research projects."

The systems biology approach is growing more widespread in industrial research circles. HepatoSys is pioneering the use of systems biology to probe liver function.

"Systems biology provides novel ways to improve the efficiency of the drug discovery processes, including improvements to the assessment of drug efficacy and safety," says Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata AG.

"We are delighted to support HepatoSys with our computational solutions for investigating this clinically important cell type."

Genedata’s Dr. Hans-Peter Fischer will speak at the Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells (SBMC) conference in Heidelberg, July 12-14, 2006.

Further Information: http://www.genedata.com

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