Centre of Expertise for Reaction Systems

Date Posted: Thursday, July 06, 2006

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Radleys is an international manufacturer and supplier of high quality glass, metal and PTFE reaction vessels and systems to cover almost any application.

Drawing upon considerable experience in manufacturing, installing and servicing applications in pharmaceutical R&D;, fine chemicals and polymer research - Radleys is today viewed as a European centre of expertise for reaction systems. 

Whether you require a large multi-vessel process system, a single 100ml benchtop reactor or a complex parallel reaction system, Radleys' team of engineers and glass technologists are available to provide free consultative advice on all aspects of project. 

In addition to ensuring that all specified safety factors have been complied with in full, all Radleys manufactured glass reaction systems are annealed and assured stress-free before leaving the factory.

With over 40 years of experience, Radleys is not only able to deliver the exact reaction system you require but also can integrate it with a wide range of reaction monitoring equipment including temperature, pH, particle sizing, spectroscopy, conductivity, redox and turbidity sensors and probes.

Radleys one-stop-shop for reaction systems includes advice and supply of single and double jacketed reactors (100 ml to 50 litres); frameworks and supports; heaters/chillers, stirrers, sensors and probes; data logging and software control; full installation and training; plus service support.

Further Information: http://www.radleys.co.uk

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