Aureus licenses AurSCOPE Ion Channel Knowledgebase to Xention

Date Posted: Monday, July 03, 2006

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Aureus Pharma has announced that Xention has licensed its AurSCOPE Ion Channel Knowledge database.

Ion Channels are an important drug target class as they are involved in many physiological and pathophysiological processes, including cardiac arrhythmias, auto-immune diseases, pain, multiple sclerosis and over active bladder.

"We will use the data contained in the AurSCOPE Ion Channel knowledgebase in combination with our in-house proprietary technology and databases to accelerate the discovery of novel small molecules," said Dr. Dave Madge, Xention’s Vice President of Chemistry.

"Access to this knowledge database will help us to use the selectivity profile and ADMET properties of existing drugs to design better molecules for our ion channel targets."

"We are delighted that Xention, an ion channel specialist, has chosen Aureus’ ion channel knowledge database," said Dr. André Michel of Aureus Pharma.

"We are confident that the high quality data will complement Xention’s drug discovery platform."

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