Radleys Unveils Catalogue Describing the Unistat Nuevo Range of Thermoregulators

Date Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Radleys has made available a catalogue describing the Unistat Nuevo range of thermoregulators that control the temperature of small laboratory reactions right up to production scale processes.

Contained within the 28 pages of the catalogue, available in paper and pdf formats, is detailed descriptive, technical and performance information relating to the products and the benefits that they deliver.

Fabricated in stainless steel the Unistat Nuevo range offers active mechanical cooling of processes from -120°C up to + 400°C.  

Uniquely Unistat Nuevo models are available with environmentally friendly natural refrigerants and feature an energy management system to keep electrical power consumption to a minimum.

All water-cooled units are designed to consume just one third of the water of conventional systems.

A TFT colour touch screen provides a clear graphical display of real-time information during operation.

Clear and easy to read information such as the process temperature, internal (jacket) temperature, pump pressure and safety data is displayed. 

All Nuevo Unistat units feature True Adaptive Control (TAC) which allows the unit to 'self tune' itself to the process it is controlling by measuring the temperature of out flowing and returning thermal fluid.

The Unistat can thereby alter its temperature control values to heat fast yet minimising temperature overshoot for better process control.

Variable-pressure control (VPC) allows the user to control the maximum pressure of the pump to protect glassware whilst optimising the flow of thermal fluid for your application. A 'soft start' feature also protects your glass reactor from damage.

Further Information: http://www.radleys.co.uk

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