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Genevac Announces HT-24

Date Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Genevac has announced a generation version of its flagship model HT-24 ultra-high throughput centrifugal evaporator.

The HT-24 is targeted at organic synthesis, HPLC and compound purification laboratories where achieving the highest throughput of samples, presented in a wide range of formats, is critical to efficient operation.

Designed around two HT-12 Series II evaporators mounted on a small footprint trolley the HT-24 enables chemists to optimally evaporate two sets of samples made up in different solvents simultaneously, significantly speeding the drying process. 

Compact in design and offering a high capacity for a wide range of sample formats including microplates, tubes, vials, fraction collector racks and Genevac's hybrid HPLC blocks the HT-24 offers the versatility and productivity to assist chemists in high-throughput environments.

The high-throughput design of the HT-24 allows up to 96 shallow-well microplates to be dried down at the same time, while capacity for standard 16 x 100mm fraction collector tubes is an outstanding 576 tubes per run.

Further aiding productivity the HT-24 now includes facility for rapid defrosting, and pullout sample shelves for easy loading and unloading.

A walk-in fume hood is available as an option on the HT-24, providing if required a totally enclosed system. 

Further Information: http://www.genevac.co.uk

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