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ChemDiv to Supply NervianoMS With Discovery Libraries

Date Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006

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ChemDiv, Inc. and Nerviano Medical Sciences have announced an extension of their collaboration to an additional 2 year program.

NervianoMS will use services of ChemDiv for building and enriching its portfolio of proprietary discovery chemical libraries.

Such compound libraries are instrumental in enhancing the access to novel bioactive compounds.

This agreement capitalizes on ChemDiv's success in contributing its small molecule collection and library designs set to NervianoMS discovery chemistry assets, as well as strengths and experience in managing global medicinal and synthetic chemistry collaborations.

NervianoMS has also entrusted ChemDiv with supporting NervianoMS inventory with global logistic services.

"Our business relationship with ChemDiv is entering a phase of joint scientific endeavours with ambitious goals of innovation," said Francesco Colotta, VP of Oncology, NervianoMS.

"The strengths of High-Throughput Screening and Combinatorial Chemistry at NervianoMS shall be complemented with ChemDiv's fully aligned synthetic productivity."

"NervianoMS is a world leader in oncology-focused R&D; and one of a handful that performs HTS with a throughput of millions of data points per year."

"It is also one of only a couple in the world that conducts HTS campaigns running assays in parallel. Useful new chemical entities will be generated and tested with an efficiency level of the highest standard."

"Collaboration with NervianoMS, a leader in area of oncology-focused drug discovery and development, further expands our capabilities to elaborate and accomplish custom synthesis projects to fulfill all requirements of our partners," said Alexander Kiselyov, Executive VP of Research & Development, ChemDiv.

"Our alliance with Nerviano has already produced very promising results and we expect it to strengthen our competitive position."

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