BioWisdom Announces Pfizer to use Sofia KnowledgeScan

Date Posted: Thursday, June 08, 2006

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BioWisdom Limited has announced that Pfizer has signed an agreement relating to the use of Sofia KnowledgeScan™.

Sofia KnowledgeScan™ is designed to exploit BioWisdom's Sofia Intelligence Platform to provide unbiased, contextually relevant information to support critical healthcare-related decision-making. 

The service provides a systematic analysis of available data to tease out intelligence that is relevant to specific commercially sensitive medical issues. 

Rapid deployment of BioWisdom’s Healthcare Intelligence methodology will be provided to compile this information into an Intelligence Network addressing specific scientific and business questions. 

BioWisdom will also provide industry-trained specialised healthcare analysts to perform the research and present an unbiased expert opinion on the analysed data.  

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