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Date Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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Crack the code and change the future

Join a growing specialist division of a major pharmaceutical services organisation with an impressive portfolio of global clients. Focused on innovation and discovery across the life science industry this group of international experts are developing better diagnostic methods in the provision of genomic-based solutions.

You will be involved in advanced micro array data analysis for leading edge cancer research for academic research centres, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This team also uses proprietary disease specific arrays to develop new tests for improving the diagnosis that will ultimately change the way cancers are managed in the future. In addition to providing your statistical expertise to support this ground-breaking research, in the field of DNA microarrays, you will also have a free hand to develop and design protocols for experimental design, data quality control and in depth analysis.

Ideally you should have a recognised qualification and or papers in Bio statistics together with varied experience in statistical approaches used for the design and analysis of microarray experiments, biomedical research and or early stage clinical trials. Your skills should include S+ / R with BioConductor tools in addition to all the usual suspects such as SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, Rosetta, Affeymetrix, BioNumerics, Matrix etc…

UK Based

Salary: Excellent

Do you have the ability to not only look at the numbers but also help people see the solution?

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