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Lean Six Sigma for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals 2006, Hotel Mercure Korona, Budapest, Hungary

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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The adoption of Lean Six Sigma within the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors is increasing rapidly, with significant bottom line gains. While Six Sigma speeds up the performance and delivers results, Lean is dramatically reducing waste.

Attend the key conference Lean Six Sigma for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals to hear from European and American world-class organisations how they are using the combination of the Six Sigma toolbox with Lean techniques transform the quality of their business processes, to maximize revenue growth, increase profitability and ensure success.

The summit will also explore how industry leaders have committed to Lean Six Sigma to improve their performance without compromising FDA, EMEA or MHRA requirements.  14 presentations and 4 interactive workshops will provide quality experts with the insights needed to elevate their process efficiencies to the next level. 

To see the full program, contact Juliet Moore on +44-1603-612-022, or at jm@ixperion.com or visit the website

Further Information: http://www.ixperion.com/lean_sixsigma_chemicals_pharmaceuticals.htm