Velocity11 Expands Range of Online Support

Date Posted: Monday, May 22, 2006

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Velocity11 has expanded the range of service and support accessible to customers via its website.

product user guide centre includes 1200 searchable help topics written for instrument operators, lab administrators, and systems integrators. 

Visitors can also download as pdf documents full product user guides for almost all current and historic Velocity11 automation systems, accessories and peripherals.

In addition Velocity11's online customer assistance now includes real time service support through a customer initiated, encrypted connection between Velocity11 and customer workstation desktops. 

The real time desktop sharing service support provides customers with expert assistance with protocol development and debugging, software updates or any other technical support needs.

Reflecting upon the online services, Gerry Alden (European Sales Manager, Velocity11) commented, "Velocity11 is committed to providing exceptional service and support with every product and system we ship."

"Customer satisfaction is our first priority - the new suite of online support beautifully complements our telephone support and on-site visits that have enabled us to provide a high level of informed support and service to customers across Europe."

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