Unique C6-Phenyl HPLC Phase with 1.0-12.0 pH Stability

Date Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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According to Phenomenex, this totally unique, C6-Phenyl HPLC phase employs a 6-carbon alkyl chain linker to attach the phenyl ring to the Twin™ Technology of Gemini™ ultra-pure silica.

Compared to the typical 3-carbon linked Phenylpropyl phases, which are usually plagued by poor lifetimes, the longer carbon chain provides greatly improved stability and reproducibility.

The Gemini C6-Phenyl column provides a unique “dual selectivity”, the expected aromatic selectivity of a phenyl phase, as well as the improved hydrophobic retention and excellent general selectivity of a medium-length alkyl phase (C6-C8).

Chromatographers can now resolve aromatic compounds over a wide mobile phase pH, from 1.0 to 12.0. Other hallmarks of this new Gemini phase are exceptional stability and low-bleed performance, important for high sensitivity, MS work, and QC applications. Microbore and analytical columns are available in 3 and 5µ media.

Further Information: http://www.phenomenex.com

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