Spotfire and BioImagene Integration to Speed-up Analytical Research in the Life Science Industry

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Spotfire and BioImagene have announced that they have integrated their products to speed decision-making for life science customers.

The Spotfire data experience has been integrated with BioImagene's Image Informatics technology to help turn researchers into difference-makers that drive companies' day-to-day competitiveness and success with respect to drug research.

The combined offering will be generally available to customers from May onwards.

"Our customers have made significant investments in capturing, analyzing, and sharing image data," said Gauri Naik, Marketing Director of BioImagene.

"However, they have traditionally lacked the tools to combine high content screening data with raw images for better, faster analysis."

"Integrating with Spotfire analytics gives our customers the premium experience for integrating these data sources and analyzing the results, accelerating the research cycle and creating an advantage in the market."

The integration between BioImagene and Spotfire enables researchers to become organizational difference-makers.

Difference-makers uncover hidden insights, sift through scenarios, and respond to new market events by translating quantitative information to execution.

BioImagene's SIMS (Scientific Image Management Systems) rich image data mining repository integrated with Spotfire® DecisionSite® visual, interactive analytics software provides a competitive advantage to information rich businesses, and an end-to-end solution for research analysts in the life science market segment.

"First to insight is first to market, but many life science companies are unable to translate their investments in data into a competitive advantage because they lack the proper analytical tools," said Christian Marcazzo, senior director of life sciences marketing at Spotfire.

"By integrating DecisionSite with BioImagene, researchers can now combine and analyze data and images in an entirely new way, which will accelerate time-to-insight."

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