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Argenta Announces Collaboration with PainCeptor

Date Posted: Monday, May 01, 2006

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Argenta Discovery Ltd. has announced that it has entered into development collaboration with PainCeptor Pharma Corp.

Under the terms of the agreement, scientists from the two companies will exploit Argenta’s expertise in computer-aided drug design and medicinal chemistry to accelerate PainCeptor’s ASIC (acid-sensing ion channel) development programme for pain therapeutics, targeting these sensory mechanisms which are associated with a variety of pain-related conditions, including cancer and arthritis.
Commenting on the agreement, Dr Christopher Ashton, Argenta’s CEO, said, "We are delighted that PainCeptor has chosen to work with Argenta on this exciting programme."

"This is our first collaboration with the company and we believe their decision to work with Argenta is a tribute to the capabilities and expertise of our drug discovery team. We look forward to building a successful and long-term relationship with PainCeptor."
"We are pleased to be working with the Argenta team and believe their scientific expertise and experience will complement our own efforts and help us move our projects forward in the most expedient manner," added Dr. Francine Gervais, PainCeptor’s Senior Vice-President, Pharmaceutical Development.

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