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Bruker BioSpin Announces the Actively-Shielded NMR Magnet at 950 MHz

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Bruker BioSpin Corporation announces the 950 US2 – the actively-shielded 950 MHz superconducting magnet, at the Experimental NMR Conference (ENC).

With the 950 US2, Bruker BioSpin breaks its own previous world record for actively-shielded NMR magnets established two years ago with the introduction of the 900 US2.

The 950 US2 combines Bruker BioSpin’s proprietary UltraShield™ active-shielding and UltraStabilized™ sub-cooling technologies. 

The 950 US2 magnet system is designed to deliver sensitivity and spectral dispersion, yet it has the same size cryostat and same cryogenic performance as the 900 US2. 

The full line of Bruker BioSpin CryoProbes™ is compatible with this 950 US2, enabling users to benefit from the increased sensitivity of the cryogenically cooled probes.

Remarkably, the 950 US2 features the same 5 Gauss stray field as the 900 US2, making it convenient to site due to its relatively small footprint. 

The complete Avance II NMR system with the 950 US2 magnet occupies an overall footprint of 600 square feet, compared to the 3,600 square feet of lab space that is required for an unshielded 950 MHz magnet. 

"We are very proud of our advanced UltraShield technology," commented Dr. Gerhard Roth, Managing Director of Bruker BioSpin’s Magnet Division. 

"The new 950 US2 will further improve ultra-high field NMR performance, with very reasonable siting costs and enhanced siting flexibility in labs with multiple NMR systems."

"Moreover, our 950 US2 features enhanced suppression of external field disturbances, further improving the stability and overall NMR performance in challenging environments."

Bruker BioSpin is now accepting orders for its 950 US2 magnet, with a delivery time of four to eight months for the first orders. The difference in price between the 950 US2 and the 900 US2 is an additional US$ 1.95 million.

Further Information: http://www.bruker-biospin.com

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