Scynexis Extendes the Installation of ACD/Labs NMR Processing Tools

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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) has announced that Scynexis, Inc. have expanded their installation of ACD/1D NMR Processor, which eases the interpretation of NMR data through advanced multiplet analysis, verification, and quantitation techniques, at their research facility located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

As a result, average NMR interpretation and dissemination times have been cut dramatically. 

This in turn helps speed the drug discovery and development project timelines of their research partners, which is critical in the competitive CRO marketplace.

ACD/1D NMR Processor supports all major NMR formats and brings an array of processing and analysis tools to the scientist’s desktop. 

The software is designed to complement the chemist's interpretation workflow and speeds up the process of turning data into the information required to direct a medicinal chemistry program. 

Tools like J-Coupler, the multiplet analysis tool, are used to efficiently gather spectral features, which accelerates the preparation of patents and allows chemists to focus on chemistry.

Dr. Darryl LeBlanc, Research Investigator, reflects, "When Scynexis was formed in 2000, we initially had no NMR software other than at the workstations on the instruments."

"Scynexis management’s decision to provide desktop NMR processing and nalysis tools for all our chemists in 2001 resulted in a huge boost in efficiency."

Scynexis scientists utilize ACD/Labs’ extensive databases containing chemical shift values from literature, along with spectral prediction software to facilitate the rapid identification of reaction products and impurities. 

Routine NMR data processing tasks are automated via macros to improve speed and consistency in an open-access environment. 

These gains are particularly noticeable for chemical libraries, in which NMR spectra for each member is processed identically in minutes. 

The flexibility of report formatting in ACD/ChemSketch accommodates the reporting needs of the wide array of projects at Scynexis.

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