ChemDiv to Provide the German National Compound Library

Date Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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ChemDiv and the German Research Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin have announced that ChemDiv will provide a diverse compound library which will represent about 80% of compounds of the central compound library for basic research.

The library will be acquired by the network of German research Institutes, known as the "ChemBioNet", and will be paid for by federal funds jointly by the FMP (Prof. W. Rosenthal), the Max-Dellbrueck-Center (MDC, Prof. W. Birchmeier), which is co-located in Berlin, and the GBF Research Centre in Braunschweig (Prof. Rudi Balling).

In addition to the three Institutes directly involved in the procurement of the library from ChemDiv, the Max Planck Institutes in Munich and Dortmund, as well as a number of about 2 dozen additional Institutes will have access to the library on basis of academic collaborations.

Libraries will be designed according to ChemDiv's Focused Diversity™ approach and delivered in a variety of custom formats.

Prof. Jorg Rademann and Dr. Jens Peter von Kries, Heads of the Medicinal Chemistry and of the Screening Unit at the FMP in Berlin commented, "We are very pleased to have found a partner like ChemDiv which pays so much attention to improving the composition of screening collections and incorporating customized library concepts."

"ChemDiv offers one of the largest commercial libraries and enabled us to compose our own ChemBioNet library by selection of individual small molecules."

"During our computational analysis of their compound collection we realized the high quality and unique composition of the ChemDiv collection."

"Also important to us was their global formatting and logistics solutions which enables us to share compounds with many collaborators in different institutes in different formats, such as frozen solution, dry film, or dry powder."

Added the head of the FMP Institute, Prof. Walter Rosenthal, "This ChemBioNet compound collection will enable academic research teams for systematic usage of small molecules in Chemical Biology. We appreciate ChemDiv's kind support for our initiative."

Dr. Alexander Kiselyov, Executive VP of R&D; at ChemDiv, Inc. expressed his respect for the leadership of ChemBioNet in Germany, "ChemDiv has been involved in a number of national efforts to set up compounds library for the basic research community before."

"Although there are many Institutions involved, the discussions and negotiations were efficient and focused."

"We were very impressed with the knowledge and preparedness for screening and analytical chemistry in Berlin and in Braunschweig (Dr. Ronald Frank). The prospect of collaborative research with such a renowned Institution is something we look forward to."

Further Information: http://www.chemdiv.com