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Argenta Implements Radleys’ StarFish™

Date Posted: Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Argenta Discovery
 has implemented the StarFish™ heating and stirring workstation from Radleys to improve the use of synthetic chemistry space in several of its laboratories at its Harlow, United Kingdom, headquarters.

Company undertakes a range of activities involved in medicinal chemistry research, such as milligramme to multigramme-scale reactions from -78oC to 200oC, under air, inert and reactive atmospheres utilising a wide range of reaction systems, all competing for fume cupboard space. 

For simpler heating and stirring reactions in standard glassware Argenta had traditionally employed oil baths or aluminium blocks. 

However, in addition to the mess and safety issues inherent with such apparatus, to cope with multiple reactions in different vessels it was necessary to employ several systems that occupied a large area of valuable fume cupboard space. 

Matthew Gill, a synthetic chemist at Argenta Discovery, commented, "The StarFish™ offers us significant space saving, as five round-bottomed flasks can be placed on a single stirrer hotplate with the novel manifolds offering a tidier system for gas/vacuum and water delivery."

He added, "We have also benefited from the fact that the StarFish™ can accommodate a range of different vessel types on the same system. The StarFish™ is clearly helping us achieve maximum use of valuable laboratory space."

The StarFish™ can be configured to provide, at its simplest level, simultaneous stirring and heating of a wide variety of vessel types and sizes - from small 2ml vials to 250ml round-bottomed flasks.

Yet the same system can also be configured to perform complex procedures in parallel including synthesis, extraction, concentration, distillation and digestion.

Further Information: http://www.starfish-chemistry.com.