Increased Options for Automated Fluidized Bed Control

Date Posted: Friday, February 03, 2006

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Malvern Instruments has announced that the Parsum inline particle size analyzer can be used to monitor particle growth in a fluidized bed, recent trials have been demonstrated.

As part of a joint development project between Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH,Weimar, and Parsum GmbH, Chemnitz, the use of inline particle size measurement was investigated, under various operating conditions.

Malvern claims that, complex flow regimes, high humidity and a broad particle size distribution has been combined to make the measurement of particles within this environment a significant challenge.

In tests involving the monitoring of lactose granulation the Parsum probe tracked particle growth throughout the entire process, generating data that opens up options for automated control.

Inline analysis and automated control can deliver dramatic efficiency gains and improvements in product quality/consistency; the key is finding analyzers that meet the requirements of the application.

The Parsum is an optical rod probe with no moving elements and measures particle size by detecting interruptions of a laser beam caused by material passing through it.

It is insensitive to vibration and slight impacts. Once installed, usually in pipelines, falling zones or vessels, it requires no manual adjustment.

An integral pressurized air feed ensures that the optical sapphire windows are protected from product build-up - a particularly important feature for potentially fouling applications.

It is suitable for the measurement of particles in the size range 50 to 4000 microns at temperatures in the range minus 20 to 100oC. 

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