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Peakdale Completes Peakexplorer™ GPCR Collection for Drug Discovery

Date Posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Peakdale Molecular Ltd has announced the completion of its peakexplorer™ G-Protein Coupled Receptor library of screening compounds.

G6, its sixth and final release, now brings the total collection to 6,500 fully characterised and purified, drugs-like compounds.

Based around 34 major chemotypes, the peakexplorer library has been designed to address gaps in commercially available compound collections and to provide diversity in drug discovery.

These synthetic capabilities have been strengthened through the collaboration with De Novo Pharmaceuticals, bringing in silico pharmacophore modelling and virtual screening algorithms to enhance the library design and characterisation processes.

Commenting on the library’s success, Kim Morrison, CEO, noted, "This collaboration has been extremely successful and has provided us with a great learning curve on running these types of partnerships."

"We are using this experience to further refine our approach to designing focused arrays against specific targets to speed up drug discovery."

Having completed the peakexplorer GPCR range Peakdale is now turning its attention to synthesising a kinase library and also designing peakfinder™ chemogenetic arrays.

These will be collections of drug-like molecules, selectively designed to enhance receptor-ligand interactions.

The combination of Peakdale’s synthetic and medicinal chemistry expertise, with the addition of in-house computational design tools, will mean these arrays will be based around novel molecules and incorporate ADMET filters.

Further Information: http://www.peakdale.co.uk


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