Genedata Launches Genedata Screener® 4.0

Date Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Genedata has announced the release of Genedata Screener® 4.0, an open and scalable solution for high throughout screening analysis.

Genedata claims that, the software boasts a well documented public application programming interface (API) and advanced procedures for analyzing high content screening data. 

"We've created a powerful and straightforward strategy for validating data quality and pinpointing the most promising lead compounds," says Dr. Michael Lindemann, Business Head Genedata Screener.

The software is designed to handle high content screening data and consolidates Screener's strengths in compound potency measurement using dose-response curve fitting.

The features include an API to link Screener’s database resources with the client’s existing corporate information portals.

The release has sorting and filtering capabilities that have been developed for lead discovery and compound validation.  

"Screener 4.0 addresses recent moves in HTS towards cellular systems, biomolecular aspects of ADMET, and functional genomics," explained Dr. Stephan Heyse, Project Head Genedata Screener.

Genedata has recently issued a joint statement with Evotec Technologies describing a high throughput solution for imaging screens. These features have been integrated into the 4.0 release. 

Dr. Lindemann added, "Our technologies bring benefit to focused screening campaigns in specific therapeutic areas as well as large scale screening operations."

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