High Throughput Technologies (HTT)

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Date Posted: Thursday, December 22, 2005

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On a practical level, there are many pieces of laboratory equipment capable of performing higher throughput automation of discrete tasks for the screening of compounds with desirable properties.

Most High Throughput Technologies (HTT) however, require the coordination of a number of these discrete tasks, each capable of high throughput, into an integrated and cohesive system to realise the full potential of a HTT system.

Integration of discrete laboratory equipment into a single cohesive system favours the use of turnkey automation and engineering solutions requiring supplier companies able to understand and deliver systems incorporating automation allied with computational and combinatorial chemistries.

This article aims to provide, with several real HTT system examples, a brief insight into how common, discrete tasks to HTT can be integrated into flexible, high throughput, automated systems as part of a corporate HTT strategy.

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