Systat Licenses Equbits Predictive Modeling Framework

Date Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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Systat Software, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with Equbits LLC. The partnership will allow Systat customers to take advantage of Equbits Support Vector Machines (SVM) modeling capabilities, including model building and tuning and enhanced enterprise level integration between the company's products.

As a result of the partnership, researchers in the areas of Genomics, Computational Chemistry, Image Analysis, Market Analysis and Fraud Detection will be able to solve core classification and regression problems in an accurate manner.

The integrated module will be marketed under the Systat brand with over 65,000 users globally and distributed by Systat in 2006.

Systat is an integrated desktop statistics and graphics software package that is designed to provide an extensive selection of reliable statistics and high- quality interactive graphics enabling Scientists, Engineers, and Statisticians to efficiently analyze, visualize and present their data.

“Equbits is excited to work with Systat in bringing novel machine learning technologies to the data mining community,” says Ravi Mallela, Founder, Equbits LLC.

“By incorporating Equbits technology within the Systat product line, Equbits continues to demonstrate success in commercializing novel approaches to serving the data mining community.”

Equbits Foresight™ is an easy to use desktop and enterprise predictive intelligence and analytics software built on SVM technology that provides high predictive accuracy, interpretation and discovery.

“With this initiative we have addressed a new market in the data mining space. We are very excited about this engagement and are looking forward to working with Equbits in developing better products to address the needs of the scientific and engineering community,” added Mueed Khader, Director, Systat Software, Inc.

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