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Spotfire Unveils DecisionSite for Microarray Analysis

Date Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Spotfire, Inc. has announced DecisionSite® for Microarray Analysis (DSMA), which gives drug makers a competitive advantage in quickly and accurately identifying potential drug targets.

DSMA, available exclusively from Spotfire, designed to provide pharmaceutical researchers with unprecedented depth of functionality for conducting gene expression analysis within Spotfire's interactive, visual analytics software.

The product is the combined solution resulting from Spotfire's recently announced framework agreement with Insightful® Corporation.

DSMA combines with Spotfire's DecisionSite and DecisionSite for Functional Genomics (DSFG), offering academic labs, core facilities and large pharmaceutical research organizations a full spectrum of analysis capabilities for quickly and accurately identifying potential drug targets through effective microarray analysis.

“Pharmaceutical researchers in the commercial and academic markets are generating data faster than their ability to effectively analyze it,” commented Christopher Ahlberg, Spotfire CEO.

“Microarray providers, such as Affymetrix, are developing and deploying technologies that are providing information-rich descriptions of genetic experiments.”

“The process of discovery has the dual challenge of requiring sophisticated tools to solve complex problems and the need for intuitive applications to allow researchers to ask and answer questions at the speed of thought.”

“Our DSMA offering uniquely meets this requirement-power in an easy-to-use, visual, intuitive application.”

In a report recently published by the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Spotfire DecisionSite's ease-of-use and depth-of-functionality in the analysis of microarray data were independently validated: "Insight value was the highest for Spotfire.”

“Participants using Spotfire gained significantly more insight value than with competing gene expression analysis products.”

“Similarly, the count of insights was higher for Spotfire than any of the other vendors evaluated. Participants felt that they learned the most from the data using Spotfire.”

“Combining Spotfire's intuitive data visualization with Insightful's robust statistical methods allows a broad range of Affymetrix users to get the most from their microarray data,” stated Steve Lincoln, vice president of informatics at Affymetrix.

“We are pleased to welcome Spotfire into our GeneChip-compatible™ Application Program, and our customers will no doubt appreciate the tight integration and convenient workflow that has been achieved between Spotfire and Affymetrix.”

Both DecisionSite for Microarray Analysis and Spotfire's DecisionSite for Functional Genomics have achieved GeneChip-compatible™ status.

Further Information: http://www.spotfire.com

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