Aitken Scientific Develops Pocket-Sized Sample Tracking Solution

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Aitken Scientific has announced the release of software that is designed to make sample tracking from creation, through storage to end usage practical for pharmaceutical companies and life science laboratories, preventing loss, wastage or duplication of samples.

According to Aitken, the software has been designed for use with portable, hand-held bar code readers, giving the user freedom and mobility to scan the relevant codes and collect information from samples, microplates, readers, refrigerator units or other pieces of equipment, wherever they are in the laboratory.

Aitken claims that, the software synchronises directly with the user's PC and recorded data is automatically uploaded when the reader is returned to its cradle.

The data is then transferred into a specified database, ready for later analysis, and allows previous data sets to be downloaded and reviewed.

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