Resin for the Solid Phase Synthesis of Resin-Bound Unnatural Amino Acids

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Polymer Laboratories has launched a resin for the solid phase synthesis of resin-bound unnatural amino acids, one of the commonly used intermediates in combinatorial chemistry, and peptides and peptidomimetics. 

This resin, PL-BIG-W Resin (the Benzophenone Imine of Gly-Wang), is an addition to Polymer Laboratories’ StratoSpheresTM product range.

The development of Benzophenone Imine of Gly-Wang has been pioneered for a concept, called 'Distributed Drug Discovery'. 

One of the principles behind 'Distributed Drug Discovery' is that many potential drug molecules can be produced by simple techniques, using solid phase equipment, readily available starting materials and synthetic procedures.

According to Polymer, its' PL-BIG-W Resin is the commercial source of the starting resin used by Professors Scott and O'Donnell. 

Polymer claims that, in the example of 'Distributed Drug Discovery', students conduct reactions six at a time, in a combinatorial 3x2 grid (3 alkylating agents and 2 acylating agents), with 'Bill-BoardTM' solid phase equipment from Leads Metal Products. 

Starting with PL-BIG-W Resin, each student carries out a control synthesis (alkylation with benzyl bromide and acylation with Fmoc chloride) in one of these six positions. 

Using the PL-BIG-W Resin from Polymer Laboratories, they routinely obtain the final product with an LC/MS analytical purity of 90-98%.

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