Low Temperature Parallel Synthesis from Radleys

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Available from Radleys Discovery Technologies (RDT) the Cooled Carousel Reaction Station range boasts all the benefits of low cost parallel synthesis to applications that require sub-ambient temperatures down to -70°C.

Based on the patented Carousel design, the Cooled Carousel fits onto a standard IKA or Carousel stirrer and can simultaneously perform a choice of six or twelve cooled and stirred parallel solution phase or solid supported reagent based syntheses.

Vigorous stirring and efficient mixing in each of the individual tubes or flasks (with working volumes from 10ml to 250ml) is provided by rare earth stirring bars. A central gas inlet and radial gas distribution system, combined with gas-tight PTFE caps, allow cooled reactions to be carried out under an inert atmosphere.

The Cooled Carousel's HDPE 'cooling reservoir' is compatible with a range of manual freezing mixtures, including dry ice/acetone for efficient cooling from ambient down to -70°C. The cooling reservoir's design incorporates an insulated foam core, which maintains low temperatures for in excess 8 hours, whilst protecting the stirrer from freezing.

It also reduces condensation and ice formation on outer surfaces. A cover minimises the risk of 'solvent spitting' and eliminates the risk of spilling reactive/pyrophoric reagents into the cooling mixture. For added convenience, an HDPE stand is supplied to provide support for the removable cooling head, allowing the reaction tubes to warm-up to ambient, post synthesis.

Every aspect of Cooled Carousel range has been designed for convenience and ease of use. The absence of electrical or moving parts ensures maintenance free operation. The round design means that all reaction tubes are visible eliminating the need to lean into the fume cupboard.

Further Information: http://www.radleys.com/

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