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Asynt Launches DrySyn MULTI 3-Position Clamps

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The novel DrySyn MULTI 3-Position Clamps are the latest addition to the DrySyn range of products. According to Asynt, these clamps are the first low cost, 3 position clamps with compact dimensions, specifically designed by chemists, for chemists. Their distinct versatility is accompanied by sound aluminium and stainless steel construction.

Compatible with existing boss heads and fitting any standard retort rod, the DrySyn MULTI 3-position clamps are fully adjustable. Their compact size allows flexibility and means that they can be utilized not only with the DrySyn MULTI-units but also reaction flasks in dry ice baths, with separating funnels, flash columns, SPE cartridges.

According to Asynt, every aspect and detail of the units has been designed to benefit the chemist, from the unique 'speed grip' design allowing rapid clamping, to the increased versatility and ability to fit a multitude of flask sizes.

The DrySyn MULTI 3-position clamps are designed to provide the user with a safe and easy system to heat or cool flask contents and allow for the rapid and safe removal from a heat source from the reaction if required, in addition to use in non-heating applications especially where only stirring is needed.

Further Information: http://www.asynt.com

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