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DPI medicinal chemistry expertise is applied to the rapid identification and expansion of the most promising hit compounds or series from high throughput screening campaigns (hit-to-lead), and to optimizing lead compounds to achieve desired preclinical profiles with respect to potency, selectivity, and ADME-tox/pharmacokinetic properties. The combination of DPI’s staff of experienced medicinal chemists and DPI’s strong foundation in high throughput synthesis and purification are applied toward aggressively achieving medicinal chemistry objectives. In a typical project, a dedicated group of synthetic/medicinal chemists together with support from DPI’s computational, analytical, and purification resources work closely with the client’s scientists to review data and develop well designed work plans. DPI’s scientific teams have a strong track record in understanding the requirements and exceeding and expectations of our clients. DPI medicinal chemists also contribute strongly to the design of targeted screening libraries that are synthesized for our clients and DPI’s internal screening collection.

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