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Synergy House Guildhall Close Manchester Science Park Manchester M15 6SY
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)161 232 5500
Fax: + 44 (0)161 232 5501

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Ultrafine has more than 30 research chemists available to understand your chemistry at every stage throughout the drug discovery and development process. This expertise is readily demonstrated in the early research stages of drug development, where our research chemists develop physical theories, examining the SAR, which are then validated by in-house experimental evidence, before moving onto the next stage.

When a target compound exists, whether it is from our own in-house research or presented to us, Ultrafine can rapidly synthesise the initial quantity based on an existing route, or devise a new synthesis for the compound. Since we are experienced at all stages of the development process, Ultrafine chemists not only concentrate on providing materials for your immediate use, but consider synthetic routes for use at a later stage when increased quantities of pure materials will be required, and cost of goods may be a factor

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