Tripos Inc

1699 South Hanley Rd,
St. Louis,
MO 63144
United States of America
Tel: 314-647-1099
Fax: 314-647-9241

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Tripos combines information technology and science to simplify and speed discovery of new chemicals that are important to the life sciences industry, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical companies. We accelerate molecular research through an integrated platform of discovery services, including discovery software, enterprise informatics, chemical compound libraries and collaborative chemistry

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Tripos Announces Benchware Discovery 360
Scientists now able to access and analyze enterprise chemical and biological data from a single integrated desktop discovery environment.

Tripos Announces Benchware Discovery 360º
Benchware Discovery 360º is based on the SMART-IDEA™ informatics system.

Tripos Introduces Surflex-Dock Virtual Screening Software
Surflex-Dock is now fully integrated into Tripos’ SYBYL® molecular modeling environment.

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Tripos Extends Its COMT Inhibitor Program with CeNeS Pharmaceuticals
Companies achieve a chemical breakaway from currently marketed COMT inhibitors.