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Sigma-Aldrich is the market leader in supply of building blocks to the combichem market. We also offer a complete line of resins and reagents for solid and solution phase chemistry. Sigma-Aldrich also offers services geared for the combinatorial market including CombiKits™ and Custom Synthesis. Click to our web site for more information.

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Sigma-Aldrich Releases 2006 Cell Signaling and Neuroscience Catalog Supplement
This supplement features clearly illustrated signaling pathways and classification charts on several relevant topics of interest.

Sigma-Aldrich Launches PhosphoProfile™ I Phosphopeptide Enrichment kit
The technology is based on a Ga+3 chelate on silica that provides a method for phosphoproteomics.

SYBR® Green Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue for QPCR
This kit provides all of the reagents needed for rapid extraction, amplification and detection of genomic DNA.

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Sigma-Aldrich Forms RNAi Collaboration with Academic Research Leaders
Sigma-Aldrich established the RNAi Partnership Program to advance functional genomics research.

Sigma-Aldrich Expands Lentiviral shRNA Gene Family Sets
The MISSION™ TRC shRNA Human Kinases Gene Family is the second in a series of shRNA target sets that allows for RNAi cell-based screens in mammalian systems.

Sigma Initiates RNAi Partnership Program with Rutgers University
The partnership program will facilitate collaborations with scientists at Sigma-Aldrich to validate current and emerging RNAi technologies.