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Eschborner Landstrasse 135,
D-60489 Frankfurt
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We supply unique automated workbench systems for modern drug discovery, screening, parallel synthesis, synthesis development, material science and standard laboratory automation. LISSY is our liquid handling system for general laboratory applications. Other systems include MOSS, for weighing, dissolution and preparation of assay plates for HTS. CALLI, liquid and powder handling and weighing. SOPHAS, high throughput synthesiser for 864 parallel solid or in combination with liquid synthesis. PEPSY, multiple peptide synthesiser. SPEEDY, solid phase extraction system for 96 well SPE blocks or cartridges. REDI, powder and resin distribution or combined liquid and powder dispensing. LISSY-TLC, fast TLC spotter, dispenses 4 spots simultaneously. CLEVA, robotic system for evaporation and cleavage. DESYRE, modular reactor block in the MTP footprint.

Further Information: http://zinsser-analytic.com/

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