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Cartesian Technologies, Inc. specialises in precision microscale liquid handling and the automation of associated material handling operations. Our products are helping to automate and increase the process efficiencies in areas such as DNA microarrays, high-throughput screening, and combinatorial chemistry. Check our web site for more information.

Further Information: http://www.genomicsolutions.com

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Rapid and Miniaturized Robotic Crystallization Experiment using the Honeybee 963™ System
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The Honeybee 963 for automated sitting drop crystallization studies enables rapid, precise and accurate dispensing of nano-liter (nl) volumes of screening and protein solutions. Rapid dispensing to both reservoirs and shelves minimizes evaporation while precise and accurate dispensing allows for miniaturization and conserves precious protein.

Assay Miniaturisation using Hummingbird and synQUAD Systems
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The data shown demonstrates that assay integrity is maintained when dispensing nanoliter volumes to 1536 well plates. Significant savings in reagent and assay costs can be realised from assay miniaturisation with the additional advantage of getting more assays and data from compound stocks before depletion.

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