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“X-ray diffraction (XRD) is one of the most important non-destructive solutions for analyzing all kinds of matter ranging from fluids, to powders, to perfect crystals. The D8 DISCOVER is designed to provide a versatile XRD solution for rapid screening of materials libraries.”

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Incoatec and Bruker AXS Announce IuS
IuS is an optimized, high-brilliance X-ray source incorporating a 30 W micro-focus sealed tube together with high-performance Montel multilayer X-ray optics.

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Bruker AXS Wins R&D; 100 Award For XFlash QUAD Detector for X-ray Microanalysis on Electron Microscopes
Bruker AXS to demonstrate QUAD XFlash at microscopy and microanalysis annual meeting in Chicago.

Bruker AXS Announces Acquisition of Hand-held XRF Company
KeyMaster will remain in its current location, and will continue under its current name and management team.

NEXUS Biosystems and Bruker Renew Worldwide Distribution Partnership
Bruker AXS will continue to globally market, sell, and support the NEXUS Crystal Farm line of products for protein crystallography research.