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Chemical Computing Group eases the discovery process with award winning software for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. MOE, the Molecular Operating Environment is a multi-application product designed to overcome obstacles facing today’s leading researchers. MOE contains a complete range of computational applications in drug discovery. These include: Small molecule and Protein modeling, Structure Based Design, High Throughput Discovery and Cheminformatics. Source code to these applications is provided, thus making MOE fully customizable. This unique architecture, coupled with the flexibility of platform independence does indeed make MOE the single remedy for the aches and pains of drug discovery.

CCG’s Molecular Operating Envronment (MOE) suite of Protein Modelling and 3D Bioinformatics applications is the most advanced in the industry and contains techniques not available in any other system. From an amino-acid sequence, MOE identifies related proteins, determines structural alignments, and builds high quality 3D atomic models.

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