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The latest version of the DiscoveryGate® content platform for chemistry and life sciences research provides faster responses to complex queries, improved usability and easy installation and maintenance-helping researchers rapidly find critical scientific information from a broad array of sources. DiscoveryGate integrates information from 25 chemistry and pharmacology databases in a single hosted platform, also providing direct links to the primary literature and integration with customers' internal systems.

Further Information: http://www.mdl.com/promos/dg/

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Elsevier MDL Launches MDL® Registration Built on the MDL® Isentris® System
The registration solution enables researchers to build high-quality corporate compound databases efficiently.

Elsevier MDL Unveils Pharmapendium a new Drug Safety Product
PharmaPendium provides a longitudinal view of preclinical, clinical and post-market safety data, which allows researchers to determine what observed effects in animals translate to humans for similar candidate compound drugs.

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Elsevier MDL and NIH Link PubChem Database and DiscoveryGate® Information Platform
The NIH's PubChem database is now cross-indexed with the Compound Index hosted on Elsevier MDL's DiscoveryGate® platform.