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Peakdale Molecular

Peakdale Science Park
Sheffield Road
SK23 0PG

Tel: +44 1298 816700
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Peakdale Molecular has launched a new range of targeted Peakexplorer™ libraries with the first focused on GPCR research.

These novel, drug like compounds have been designed by combining pharmacophore modelling algorithms developed by De Novo Pharmaceuticals with Peakdale’s proprietary chemistry and parallel synthesis capabilities.

Please visit www.peakexplorer.com to learn more.

Peakdale Molecular Limited (UK) provides drug discovery support services and research chemicals to the pharmaceutical and life-science industries. Peakdale has earned its world-class reputation as an innovative chemistry provider by designing, producing and supplying novel compounds that prove to be highly useful in pharmaceutical research programs.

Peakdale's business has been built around its unique chemistry skills and experience in custom synthesis. By using novel chemical synthetic approaches alongside classical methodologies, a reputation for completing even the most challenging syntheses has been earned. Facilities include scale up laboratory reactors - up to 50 litre jacketed vessels giving an effective temperature range of -40°C to 180°C

Further Information: http://www.peakdale.co.uk/

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