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ML-4000 - combines a small footprint with the ability to process up to 96 samples in a batch. ML-4200 - For higher throughput offers the capability of processing up to 192 samples in a batch.

The samples are presented to the instrument in a rack that can be configured to accept most standard tube formats. The instrument can accept either 1ml, 3ml or 6ml cartridges or combinations of. The samples are presented to the cartridge and blown through with a positive pressure system, and the patented Hamilton digital flow controller then monitors the flow through the cartridge and optimises the process by providing triggers to indicate completion. This speeds up processing and leaves the cartridges wetted for optimal separation. The instrument probe consists of five fluid paths to allow up five quick access solvents, which can be increased with the addition of Modular Valve Positioners to the system.

Further Information: http://www.hamiltoncompany.com/