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Porvair Sciences specialises in the design and manufacture of single use plastic devices providing solutions for the life sciences markets, including the new Microlute 2 featuring the new proprietary SPE sorbent, Generic Silica Vyon. Our products can be used during all stages of the drug development pipeline, specifically in combinatorial chemistry, High throughput screening (HTS), Medicinal chemistry, and Drug Metabolism and Clinical studies. For more information visit our web site now.

Further Information: http://www.porvair-sciences.com/

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Porvair Unveils MaxiLute™
MaxiLute is up to 4 times faster than traditional manual SPE cartridge methods.

Porvair Unveils Thermobond® Manual Heat Sealer
Thermobond® seals polypropylene collection plates, PCR plates, deepwell plates and polystyrene microtubes with a piercable film or foil.

Porvair Unveils Krystal 2000 Microplate Range
The Krystal 2000 range is fully compatible with all commercially available plate readers.

Porvair Launches Protein Precipitation Filtration Plate
The p3 enables researchers to process 96 protein precipitation experiments simultaneously.

Porvair Unveils Specialist Microplate-Based Systems 'Microlute™'
The systems deliver significant productivity benefits in Solid Phase Extraction and Combinatorial Chemistry applications.

Porvair Unveils Thermal Cycler Plates for PCR Analyses
Thermal Cycler plates are totally free from DNase and RNase enzyme activity enabling optimised PCR results.

Porvair Introduces Automated Heat Sealer 'TriSeal'
The instrument produces a tight seal on any SBS proposed standard microplate from 5 to 47mm in height.

Productive SPE Methods Development Microplate
Porvair Sciences Ltd, has announced 2 new versions of their Microlute 96-well solid phase extraction (SPE) microplate.