Penn Research Center Invests in new Sample Stabilization Solution

Date Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Denator AB announced that the Department of Pharmacology, at the Penn State College of Medicine, has chosen to integrate the Stabilizor™ T1 system into their proteomic workflows.

Based on the company’s proprietary heat inactivation technology, Stabilizor T1 stabilizes tissue from the crucial moment of sampling, permanently eliminating the activity of degradative enzymes, without the use of additives.

Professor Freeman of the Penn State College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology at the Hershey Center for Applied Research explained: "In our research facility, we are devoted to biomarker development to provide tools for more efficient drug development efforts and as new clinical diagnostics. We are always concerned about post-mortem sample degradation, which has the potential to significantly affect analytical results. Denator's rapid heat inactivation technology allows us to stabilize tissues instantly and maintain that stability throughout our proteomic and genomic workflows. This will be an important tool for ensuring sample integrity and providing the clearest picture of the molecular basis of biological processes."

Olof Skold, CEO at Denator, stated: “We are delighted that such a well-respected center is demonstrating confidence in our system. We believe that Stabilizor T1 represents a true breakthrough in improving the preparation and subsequent analysis of tissue samples.

Mr. Skold added, “We are looking forward to working with Prof. Freeman to realize the full potential of our solution within their research. Working in close collaboration with our customers also gives us valuable feedback to support our development plans for new products that stabilize biological tissues and fluids from the moment of sampling.”

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