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You can promote your company through via inexpensive Companies Classified Listings and professional Banner Advertisements. Both incorporate advanced monitoring software to record both the number of exposures and the click-throughs to your own website. We also feature Job Advertisements for specialist research or sales and marketing personnel.

Supplier Directory

Your company may be listed under the appropriate Companies category. Choose from:

Blocks & Scaffolds
Compound Libraries
Informatics & Software
MedChem Services
Resins & Supports
Synthesis Equipment

Others may be considered for addition on request. For entries in two or more categories the second and subsequent entries are charged at 50% of the normal rate.

Standard Advertisements - Make your entry stand out

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For a nominal annual cost you can make your entry stand out from the others and inform visitors about your product or services and make it easy for them to email you or visit your website.

Adverts comprise:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email & Home Page links
  • 60 words about your product or service
  • Boxed and Bold Type
  • Monitoring software to measure exposures and click-throughs
Example of advert:

Avantium Technologies

Zekeringstraat 29, 1014 BV, PO Box 15216 1001 ME
Tel: 31 (0) 20 586 8080
Fax: 31 (0) 20 586 8085

Avantium Technologies is an advanced R&D; company dedicated to providing a quality product and process development service to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors by applying high throughput experimentation and simulation technology. Avantium was founded in February 2000 as an independent company, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company is largely owned by a unique constellation of multinational manufacturing companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, venture capital companies, an informatics company and three of Hollandís leading universities.

Superior Advertisment

Email us for rates

As the Standard Advertisement with the additional features:

  • Logo / Product Image
  • Up to 100 words about your product or service

See example of advert below

Argonaut Technologies

1101 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404
United States of America
Tel: 650-655-4200
Fax: 877-655-4200

Are you missing out on the faster way to discover and optimize new materials and catalysts? Parallel chemistry using Endeavor will allow you to run more reactions in less time, collect better data, cut costs, improve your patent positions and increase your rate of discovery. Visit our website for extensive product descriptions, application examples and technical information about parallel synthesis and purification.

Banner Advertising

Common Features
  • Choice of static or animated
  • Origination is free of charge
  • Hyperlinked to advertiser's website
  • Banner Monitor installed to measure exposures and 'click-through' rate
Corporate Sponsors
  • Four only exclusive positions on all pages
  • Visible throughout the site for maximum possible exposure
  • 130x60 pixel size
Key Sponsors
  • Shared position with other companies (maximum of 12)
  • Rotating logos visible on all pages for good exposure
  • 130x60 pixel size
Main Sponsors Adverts
  • Four only logos which appear on the Home and News pages
  • Visible on entry to site for high exposure
  • 130x40 pixel size
Suppliers Section Adverts
  • Four only logos which appear on any page within the site
  • 130x40 pixel size

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Example of a Static Advert

Example of Animated Advert

Sample shown 130 x 60 pixels

Job Adverts

Specialist sales, marketing, or laboratory jobs can be advertised inexpensively (see sample). email us for rates. - Advertising on


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