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Electroscience UK
107, Bures Road, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 0JE, UK
Tel: 44 (0) 1787 88 05 89
Fax: 44 (0) 1787 31 38 60


ElectroScience UK provide very competitively priced laboratory products and customised peltier temperature controlled platforms and blocks, 0 to 80°C for XYZ systems. Homogeneously heated orbital shakers, up to 250°C for: racks, blocks and macro volumes. Shaking water baths from 0°C to 200°C and re-circulators for cooling traps, condensers and distillation columns. For further details click on our website.

Fisher Scientific UK Ltd
Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough, Leicester LE11 5TR, UK
Tel No : 01509 231166
Fax No : 01509 231893
Email :

Fisher Scientific UK introduce a NEW dedicated catalogue of products for use in all areas of Combi-Chem, Parallel Synthesis and HTS. This unique catalogue lists instrumentation such as Buchi's NEW Syncore equipment and STEM block heaters. Consumables from Kimble, Corning and Whatman. Chemical resins, reagents and linkers from Acros, and Chromatography SPE products. Custom made products are also available.

Contact us now to register for the NEW Drug Discovery Catalogue ..available September 2000


Carousel Reaction Station & Lollipop Phase Separator

Shire Hill
Saffron Walden
Essex, CB11 3AZ.
United Kingdom.
Tel: 44-(0)1799-513320
Fax: 44-(0)1799-513283

Radleys are specialists in the area of Combi-Chem and parallel synthesis. The company's specific area of expertise is not reagents or expensive automated systems but focused on innovative apparatus and consumables for all areas of Combi-Chem, parallel synthesis and sample purification. The essential products that are the cornerstone of your combinatorial chemistry program. Our products are available through a network of international distributors.

Contact us now to register for our new Combi-Chem Catalogue…

Orochem Technologies Inc.,
3852 Swanson Court, Gurnee, IL 60031, USA
Tel: 847-782-8401
or 888-404-8401
Fax: 847-782-8413

Orochem Technologies Inc. is dedicated to the development of value-added medical devices that feature unique components, custom surfaces, specialized membranes, and highly selective solid phase sorbents integrated into formats that enable high throughput sample preparation and screening. Our products focus on custom value-added medical devices for the biotechnology, forensics, pharmacokinetics, and drug discovery industry. Our goal is to provide the best value to our customers' innovation in intregrated systems, high quality, low cost, and prompt service.

Prosense B.V.
Keizersdam 53
4908 BE Oosterhout
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 16 24 71 485
Fax: 31 16 24 71 486

Prosense provide sales and service support both in Germany (STEM parallel synthesis equipment and Titertek automated liquid handling systems) and the Benelux region (STEM, Anachem SK233 process development station). Please contact us for distribution of complimentary product lines.

Select Biosciences Ltd.
Crestland House, Bull Lane Ind. Estate, Acton, Sudbury, CO10 0BD, U.K.
Tel: 44 (0) 1787 319234
Fax: 44 (0) 1787 319235


Select Biosciences distribute products to the HTS and combinatorial chemistry markets. Current agencies include STEM (parallel synthesis reactors), Kimble Kontes (KombiScreen microplates) and ChemDiv (compound libraries). If you have products focused on these markets and need distribution in the UK, please contact us now with full details

Zinsser Analytic GmbH
Eschborner Landstrasse 135, D-60489 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: 49-69-789-1060
Fax: 49-69-789-10680

Email :
OnLine :

Zinsser Analytic (UK) Ltd
Howarth Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1AP, UK
Tel: 44 (0) 1628 77 32 02
Fax: 44 (0) 1628 67 21 99

Unique Workbench Automation Systems for application in modern drug discovery, screening and synthesis and standard laboratory automation. Liquid Handling System LISSY for general laboratory application or automation. MOSS system for weighing, dissolution and preparation of assay plates for HTS. CALLI liquid handling and weighing system for liquid compounds. SOPHAS High Throughput Synthesizer for 864 parallel solid or liquid synthesis. PEPSY Multiple Peptide Synthesizer. SPEEDY Solid Phase Extraction System for 96well SPE-blocks or cartridges. REDI Dry powder and resin distribution or combined liquid and powder dispensing. LISSY-TLC fast TLC-Spotter (4 Spots simultaneously). TRAYSY 24 hour automatic system which exchanges complete workbench sets.

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