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Aug 15 - Call For Papers 2nd Russian Symposium

A call for papers has been issued by the 2nd Russian Symposium and Practical Workshop entitled Modern Technologies In Combinatorial Chemistry. This is to take place between 29th and the 31st October, 2001 at Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. It is being jointly organised by the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University and the Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society (Section of Medicinal Chemistry).

Key Topics so far include: Review lectures on practical aspects of high-throughput synthesis, Overview of basic equipment and technique for combinatorial chemistry and parallel synthesis, Invited lectures of industrial scientists experienced in the use of such equipment and technique and a Practical workshop on solid-phase combinatorial synthesis.

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Aug 15 - Exelixis agreement with Elan

Exelixis, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a subsidiary of Elan Corporation, plc to produce a custom high-throughput screening compound library for use by both parties. Under the terms of the three-year agreement, Exelixis will use its combinatorial chemistry platform to generate a large, small molecule library for high throughput screening. Elan Pharmaceuticals will pay Exelixis an initial upfront fee as well as ongoing compensation as compounds are delivered. Both parties have the ability to use the compounds resulting from this collaboration for internal drug discovery and collaborative efforts.

Exelixis President and CEO said, "This is our first chemistry-focused collaboration" and " it {the agreement} offsets some of the cost of building our large high throughput screening compound library for drug discovery at Exelixis." Exelixis currently generates novel, genetically and biologically validated targets through its expertise in model system genetics.

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Aug 14 - KXEN announce partnership with FOVEA

KXEN announce a partnership with FOVEA, a software distributor located in Switzerland. KXEN offers a suite of predictive and descriptive modeling engines based upon Vapnik's theory of mathematics for scoring, classification, clustering, and variables contribution, to transform data into knowledge. KXEN partners with systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers to integrate its analytic software into their applications.

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Aug 14 - BioWisdom announce integration of Abcam's antibody catalogue

BioWisdom are announce the completion of the integration and alignment process of Abcam's branded antibody catalogue into Discovery Portfolio. Discovery Portfolio is a customisable drug discovery target tracking system, with an integrated view of both public and proprietary content associated with targets. Users of Discovery Portfolio will now be able to identify the availability of Abcam branded antibodies, and to receive alerts to changes in the antibody catalogue and any new antibodies, which become available and relate to their specialised research interests.

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Aug 9 - Graffinity announces alliance with Biosearch Italia

Graffinity Pharmaceutical Design GmbH announced a drug discovery alliance with Biosearch Italia SpA. Under the agreement, Biosearch Italia will use Graffinity's drug discovery technology to identify high quality compounds against innovative targets identified by Biosearch Italia . This agreement expands Biosearch Italia's capability of developing novel antibiotics active against multi-resistant microorganisms. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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Aug 8 - $1,111,000 USD on offer at InnoCentive

A new website designed to offer financial award for the "best" solution to a unique scientific problem. The InnoCentive is a unique scientific problem, that is posted by solution Seekers looking to find the "best" solution for their problem. If a solution is judged the "best", the Solver receives a financial award, which varies per InnoCentive. The solver is what they call the person (probably a scientist) who submits an answer(s) to posted InnoCentive(s). This person must register, sign an agreement, and be capable of transferring ownership.

InnoCentive was founded by Eli Lilly and Company, however InnoCentive is currently working with several other world-class, research-driven corporations who will be adding scientific challenges to the InnoCentive site in the coming months. There are conditions and solvers must have the ability to transfer ownership of intellectual property to the Seeker company and importantly if you use your employer's facilities to create your submission, you must have your employer sign the solver agreement.

For further information:

Aug 7 - Pharmacopeia launch redesigned web site

Pharmacopeia announce the launch of its newly redesigned corporate and drug discovery web site. The site features corporate news, investor information, career development opportunities and new programs and capabilities for drug discovery. Descriptions of opportunities in Lead Discovery, Lead Optimisation and Collaborative Drug Discovery are detailed in the Drug Discovery section of the site.

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Aug 3 - Web Exclusive for

CombiChem is pleased to publish the complete abstracts from EuroCombi - 1, the First Symposium of the European Society for the Combinatorial Sciences, exclusively on the Internet.This includes the abstracts from the Keynote Lectures, as well as the invited lectures (11), the Lectures (46) and all the Posters (78). If you missed this very successful meeting, visit the new section of the site to catch up!!

To visit the new section:


Aug 3 - Pharmacia Establishes Biovitrum AB

Pharmacia Corporation announced that it has completed an agreement with a group of outside investors to establish Biovitrum AB, a new, Swedish -based biotechnology company. Biovitrum will consist of Pharmacia's Swedish -based metabolic disease research group, its related biopharmaceutical development unit, and its blood fractionation business.

Pharmacia will own approximately one-third of Biovitrum and may, over time, further reduce its ownership position as additional outside investors have the opportunity to participate in the new venture.

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Aug 2 -GlaxoSmithKline divests Affymax

GlaxoSmithKline plc announced an agreement for the sale of the Affymax business, a GSK drug-discovery operation in California, to Affymax Inc. a new company founded by a syndicate of venture capital firms. Glaxo Wellcome originally purchased the Affymax business as a technology-development centre, focused on combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening.

The Affymax business technologies, will continue to be used in the GSK R&D organisation.Under the terms of the divestiture, subject to a definitive agreement, GSK will receive non-voting preferred stock in Affymax Inc. in exchange for the Affymax business. GSK will not participate in the management of Affymax Inc, nor have any representation on the Board.

For further information:


Aug 1 - Bharavi Laboratories increase Product line

Bharavi Laboratories introduce novel tartaric acid linked PS-DVB resins, namely, diacetyl-L-tartaric acid (DATA), L-tartaric acid methyl ester (TAME) and L tartaric acid (TAR) bound to aminomethyl PS-DVB. These resins are useful for chiral separations as well as templates for asymmetric induction (e.g., Sharpless epoxidation)

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Jul 30 - Update of Library of Rare Chemicals

Sigma-Aldrich have issued an update disc of the new version of their Library of Rare Chemicals. The library contains over 90,000 research samples acquired from academic scientists. Each item contains a structure, molecular formula, molecular weight and the unique Sigma-Aldrich catalogue number.

For further information:


Jul 30 - ChiraSource2001 Announced

The Catalyst Group Resources announce ChiraSource2001 - "The Dynamics of Speed to Market Through Process Innovation" - Sixth Annual Conference & Exhibition to be held on the 12 - 14th November, 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In addition to the issues of chirality, ChiraSource2001 will feature new areas including "Software and Intranet Services", "SMB Separation Implementation" and "Organization Management Tools" available to speed-up the time-to-market, from discovery to launch.

Conference highlights include the Keynote Address by Mr. James Mack, CEO of Cambrex Corporation, Avecia's presentation on "Powerful New Technologies for Chiral Molecules", as well as presentations by GlaxoSmithkline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer Inc., Abbott Laboratories, and Schering Plough Research Institute. Advanced Separation Technologies (ASTEC) and Medichem Research will provide insight into the latest developments in SMB Separation Implementation.

For further information:


Jul 26 - Viaken and InforSense Partnership

Viaken Systems Inc and InforSense announced that they are developing a marketing and distribution partnership for the Kensington data mining and visualization suite in the life science domain. The Kensington suite will be offered by Viaken as part of its set of hosted solutions and professional services products.

Kensington is an Internet-based knowledge management platform for the analysis of life science research data, supporting automated discovery and collaborative research. The system combines data mining and analytical functions, visualization tools, collaborative work support, and intellectual property management functions within an integrated, extensible, and scalable framework.

For further information:


Jul 25 - Platform Computing Open Source's Programs

Platform Computing Inc. announced that it is contributing two open-source programs to run computationally intensive algorithms in the life sciences field. By open sourcing the programs, scientists will be able to customize applications to get the benefits of Platform's LSF ActiveCluster. Platform's contribution of open source programs for the applications Blast and HMMer will enable faster completion times for jobs as LSF ActiveCluster will split jobs into smaller pieces that can run in parallel.

For further information:


Jul 24 - LION bioscience and Platform Cooperation

Platform Computing Inc. announced that LSF ActiveCluster now supports LION bioscience SRS. The integration of LSF ActiveCluster and SRS will enable LION bioscience customers to harness corporate desktops to accelerate the overall drug discovery process.

SRS is a data integration platform that provides access to biological and life science data stored in more than 400 internal and public domain databases and enables the queries through one interface. Platform's LSF product line distributes computing jobs to servers and workstations, while LSF ActiveCluster extends that capability to corporate PCs.

For further information:


Jul 23 - Gilson and Avantium Technologies collaboration

Gilson, Inc. and Avantium Technologies, Inc. have entered into a development program to add enhanced software features to Gilson's line of Lab Automation robotic products including the 215, Constellation, and Cyberlab product families. The enhanced software will utilize certain aspects of Avantium Technologies' VirtualLab software suite and the Gilson 735 Instrument Control Software.

The enhanced product will provide an advanced graphical user interface, simple set-up wizards, informatics, scheduling tools, protocol management, visualization tools and ease of integration capability. These features will allow maximisation of the data flow in the lab between chemists, equipment, and data warehouses.

For further information:

Jul 23 - Signature Acquires Cambridge Discovery Chemistry, Inc.

Signature BioScience, Inc. announced that it has acquired 100 percent of the stock of Cambridge Discovery Chemistry, Inc., a chemistry operation owned by Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. Signature has signalled its intent to acquire key elements for building an integrated discovery platform, to enable the company to roll out its parallel target and compound selection process, WaveScreen, aimed at the rapid discovery of new lead compounds. With the acquisition, Signature gains 26 people, principally chemists, a number of key corporate collaborations and a state-of the-art chemistry laboratory.

Millennium acquired CDC in July 2000 as part of its acquisition of Cambridge Discovery Chemistry Limited, a UK-based company that operated CDC as its US based subsidiary. Cambridge Discovery Chemistry Limited was renamed as Millennium Pharmaceuticals Limited, and continues to operate in the UK as a wholly owned subsidiary of Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

For further information:

Jul 19 - Adaptive Screening Ltd Launched

Imperial College Innovations announces its latest spin out, Adaptive Screening Ltd (ASL). Formed in collaboration with The Generics Group and the University of Glasgow, the company offers a new approach - known as Adaptive Screening - to identifying and rationalising potential drug candidates.

Adaptive Screening presents the pharmaceutical industry with an alternative approach to high throughput screening methods based on patented core technology platforms: Adaptive Arrays, Cellular Arrays, Lead Hunter and Adaptive Screening Environment - which have stemmed from research carried out at Imperial, Glasgow and Generics.

For further information:


Jul 18 - ChemNavigator offers new services

ChemNavigator now offers library design services, including information-biased library design and diversity selection, specific to project needs. If you need small-molecule compounds that are specific to a biological target, known patents, toxicological profiles, or other scientific information ChemNavigator uses a proprietary cheminformatics system to identify commercially accessible compounds that are specific to your area of research, relates scientific information relevant to these compounds, and keeps the information up-to-date.

For further information:


Jul 16 - PerkinElmer agrees to acquire Packard BioScience

PerkinElmer, Inc. and Packard BioScience jointly announced a definitive agreement for PerkinElmer to acquire Packard BioScience in a deal valued at approximately $650 million, including net indebtedness. The transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, as well as the approval of the shareholders of both PerkinElmer and Packard BioScience, is expected to close during the fourth quarter.

In a statement Gregory L. Summe, Chairman and CEO of PerkinElmer said that Packard BioScience represents an excellent strategic fit as a leading supplier of automated liquid handling, sample preparation tools and advanced biochip technologies. Liquid handling is a critical, enabling step in both proteomics and genomics workflow, and increases the productivity of our customers' drug discovery processes. Packard BioScience's core capabilities in this area, its complementary range of products, its impressive new product development pipeline, and its well-respected team of field sales and service experts will enable us to provide more powerful solutions to our expanding base of life sciences customers.

For further information:


Jul 16 - Tularik Acquires CAMD from Protherics

Protherics PLC announced the sale of its Computer Aided Molecular Design ("CAMD") operations to Tularik Inc., for 400,000 Tularik shares with a current value of approximately US $9.4 million. The sale will include the transfer of Protherics' CAMD technology consisting of its Prometheus virtual screening software and its VA Linux hardware system.

Existing CAMD research agreements will also transfer to Tularik. Dr. J. A. Miller will be transferring to Tularik with the CAMD business and consequently has resigned as a director of Protherics. As a result CAMD will focus on realising the value of their technology on Tularik projects.

For further information:


Jul 13 - Events Archive Created

Due to numerous requests from scientists wanting to follow up on past conferences and symposia a New section of the site has been created. The 'Events Archive' is now open giving access to a listing of past events that had been listed in our comprehensive Events Index.

For further information:
Events Archive


Jul 10 - Eurocombi -1 a great success

The first symposium organised by the European Society for Combinatorial Sciences was held last week in Budapest. Over 340 delegates listened to 60 presentations on the latest techniques and advances in this industry. In additon, 80 posters were presented and 37 exhibitors displayed the latest products and services on the market. A number of awards were presented for various oral presentation categories and best poster. The next symposium will be held in Copenhagen in 2003 .

For further information:

Jul 9 - Call for poster papers Combinatorial Chemistry

A call for poster papers has been issued for the conference "Combinatorial Chemistry: Applying the Technology". All papers submitted will be undergo a review process. Submission of a poster therefore does not guarantee acceptance. The deadline for abstracts is Friday, July 20, 2001.

Submitted poster papers must be accompanied by a 150-word abstract on a standard American Chemical Society Abstract Form, which is available on the Internet. Abstracts can then be submitted by E-mail as an attachment.

For abstract form see:
and email abstracts to:


Jul 6 - BioFocus acquires Cambridge Drug Discovery

BioFocus has recently acquired Cambridge Drug Discovery. By augmenting their existing medicinal chemistry technologies, BioFocus aims to offer a wider range of integrated discovery services, including assay development and HTS using new biology expertise from Cambridge Drug Discovery.

For further information see:


Jul 5 - TimTec Corp announces expansion and Collaboration

TimTec Corporation has moved and expanded to a new 30,000² foot facility with state-of-the-art synthetic and analytical laboratories, cold storage rooms, weighing and micro-plating labs, and larger receiving and shipping areas, co-located with Empower Materials, Inc. of Newark, DE. TimTec and Empower Materials have created a global partnership committed to the full spectrum of custom synthesis, production, and support.

TimTec Corporation provides chemical libraries for bioscreening, custom synthesis, building blocks for combichem and reagents for organic synthesis, database software, microplating, sample handling, weighing, repackaging, labelling and quality control including NMR analysis. Empower Materials, a subsidiary of Axess Corporation, manufactures a family of amorphous thermoplastic polymers known as poly(alkylene carbonates), tradenamed QPAC.

For further information:


Jul 4- Chemical Inventory System with Direct Interface to Balances

ChemSW, Inc. announced a new capability for the CIS Chemical Inventory System a built-in interface to the complete line of Mettler Toledo balances. With this enhancement, users can automatically add or subtract chemical amounts directly from the balance, which saves time and improves the accuracy of tracking inventory data on precious chemicals. The direct interface also minimizes the number of keystrokes when subtracting or adding amounts to a container. The balance interface capability is a standard part of CIS Version 5 and is available as an upgrade to users of earlier versions.

For further information:

Jul 3 - New appointments in ChemOvation expansion

ChemOvation Ltd has recruited two senior staff members to the team. These appointments form a key part of the company's current expansion. Keith Menear has joined as Head of Chemistry. Dr Menear has a background in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and project leadership, gained from within a multinational pharmaceutical company. He is now responsible for day-to-day operations of organic chemistry and drug discovery. Xiao-Ling Cockcroft has joined as Senior Modeller. Mrs Cockcroft is a computational modeller who has undertaken drug discovery within large pharma and biotechnology organisations. She is now responsible for leading the newly-expanded compound modelling function within ChemOvation.

For further information:


Jul 2 - Agilent Technologies introduce APPI for Lc/Ms

Agilent Technologies Europe announced that it will offer atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) on its quadrupole and ion trap LC/MS systems. Agilent will offer the PhotoMate Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization source from Syagen Technology Inc. on Agilent's LC/MSD and LC/MSD Trap mass spectrometers.

The PhotoMate source uses photons instead of electrons or solution chemistry to initiate the ionisation process and can ionise compounds that cannot be ionised using electrospray or APCI, or that are poorly ionised using those techniques. A krypton lamp produces photons at energy levels that ionise most analyte molecules while minimizing the ionisation of common HPLC solvents. The result is an ion source that complements traditional API techniques.

For further information:


Jun 28 - Morphochem appoints Head of Business Developement

Morphochem AG, announced the appointment of Dr Werner Schiebler as Head of Business Development. Dr Schiebler's primary role will be to establish new strategic alliances for Morphochem's with partners from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In addition, Dr Schiebler will be intrinsically involved in the formulation and generation of strategic options for Morphochem´s internal small molecule drug discovery and development programs with partnerships at various stages to develop Morphochem´s product portfolio.

For further information:

Jun 27 - Symyx Technologies Announces Collaboration With Merck

Symyx Technologies announced an agreement with Merck & Co. to develop a Discovery Tools System for the rapid discovery, identification, and characterization of novel crystalline salt and polymorphic forms of drug candidates. The methods, instruments, and software included within the Polymorph Discovery Tools System are used to identify the optimal crystalline salt and polymorphic form of drug candidates to be formulated for use in clinical trials.

Under the terms of the agreement, Merck will provide funding for Symyx' Discovery Tools development effort and will purchase a Polymorph Discovery Tools system upon completion and validation.

For further information:

Jun 26 - Complimentary Seminars on Integrated Data Management

Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD), Micromass and Nugenesis Technologies are providing a series of complimentary seminars entitled ' A Novel, Integrated Data Management System for Advancing Drug Discovery and Development' . These will be held on July 16th in London, UK , July 17th in Basel, Switzerland and on July 18th in Berlin, Germany.

For further information & Online Registration:


Jun 25 - BioWisdom appoint Life Sciences Director

BioWisdom appoints Dr Julie Barnes as Director of Life Sciences. Julie joins from GlaxoSmithKline to lead the team of life science analysts, whose role is to position information about public and proprietary drug discovery development resources within the Discovery Portfolio platform.

For further information:


Jun 25 - Cerep announces a drug discovery agreement with Aventis

Cerep announced a three year drug discovery partnership with Aventis. Under the agreement, Aventis will utilize on a non-exclusive basis Cerep's proprietary drug discovery platform in its pre-clinical research process generating novel, advanced candidates for drug development. On a fee-for-service basis, Cerep will provide Aventis with access to its technologies in pharmacological and pharmaceutical screening, to its profiling as well as to its general pharmacology services for pre-clinical drug optimisation.

For further information:

CEM Introduces New Microwave-Enhanced Synthesis Instrumentation

CEM introduces a new family of Focused Synthesis Microwave-Enhanced Instrumentation. The Discover line of products is a combination of CEM's Focused microwave technology into three distinct platforms: an individual research system, automated sample handling system and a fully integrated analysis system.

The Discover line offers an option for converting traditional synthetic methods to microwave methods, which claims to perform synthesis reactions in minutes instead of hours, and increases yields whilst reducing side reactions. CEM's Discover can accommodate a variety of vessel sizes and shapes (from 1 to 125 mL capacity) and also has variable speed stirring and a temperature and pressure feedback system.

For further information see:

Genevac introduces new features for DD-4

Launched by Genevac for general use, the DD-4 is a general purpose centrifugal evaporation system. The DD-4 incorporates many of the features available in the higher performance models such as the HT-4 Series II compact bench top, including solid aluminium rotors and microtitre plates in swing rotors, the capability to accommodate test tubes and vials in high capacity, and temperature control and monitoring via an infra-red pyrometer, known as RotorGuard. A number of optional Genevac features are available, including: Dri-Pure anti-bumping System and HCl resistance, along with a choice of pumps to suit specific applications and solvent use.

For further information see:


New Sigma - Aldrich Combinatorial Chemistry Catalogue

September sees the 2001 Sigma-Aldrich Combinatorial Chemistry Catalogue launched. The catalogue claims to offer "a One-Stop-Shop for all your CombiChem needs". The handbook includes over 600 resins from Aldrich and Fluka along with glassware and equipment items from Sigma, Aldrich and Supelco. Visit the Sigma-Aldrich web site to register for your copy.

For further information see:


Software enhancement delivers MSDS Data Via Web

ChemSW, Inc. announces MSDS SimpleView Web an extension of the Oracle version of the company's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Digital Filing Cabinet software program. The new version further automates MSDS management by providing access via the web on corporate intranets. The program helps companies meet OSHA requirements on the availability of chemical safety information and eliminates on-site storage of paper files.

For further information see:

JCL MiniHolder for LC

Jones Chromatography launch the JCL MiniHolder for 50mm Id preparative LC. It is a compact, bench mounted, axial compression unit utilising the back pressure generated by the LC pump to operate the axial compression jack. A range of high performance, pre packed, 50mm Id cartridges accompanies the holder. These may be packed with 7u Genesis Prep, 8u Apex Prepsil or other quality packings.

For further information see:

Biotage Introduces New HPFC FLASH 40 System

Biotage, Inc announced the introduction of the FLASH 40+ system. The FLASH 40+ compression module has been improved with a quick-release design and the system includes a FLASH+ stand with multi-position collection arm and new stand-alone compression module. FLASH 40+ cartridges can purify up to five grams of sample and are designed for complex mixtures from 100-milligrams to two grams.

The FLASH 40+ compression module reduces solvent consumption, increases purity and reduces handling when compared to glass columns. Samplet technology provides the ability to pre-absorb up to 15 mL of reaction mixture in one step and enhances separation performance.

For further information see:


LeadScope Announces the Release of ToxScope

LeadScope, Inc., in collaboration with ddplatform LLC, introduces ToxScope, a series of toxicity databases. ToxScope correlates toxicity information with structural features of chemical libraries, and creates a data mining system that incorporates the searching and browsing capabilities of LeadScope EnterpriseT Server. The ToxScope databases encompass acute toxicity, hepatotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity and enables the user to make side-by side comparisons of efficacy screening and toxicity information.

Available with ToxScope are consulting services with ddplatform LLC and LeadScope for data mining of the customer's internal toxicity data.

For further information see:

Platform Computing Corporation launch LSF ActiveCluster

Platform Computing Corporation announced the launch of software that allows enterprises to harness the unused processing power of their desktop computers. The computational power of most PCs is wasted approximately 90 percent of the time, so tapping into this resource lets enterprises realize a significant jump in processing power with no additional hardware investment. LSF ActiveCluster extends Platform's core Load Sharing Facility (LSF) product line, which distributes computing jobs to servers and workstations.

Companies with computationally intense problems, such as gene sequencing and drug design or high throughput testing, have traditionally run simulations on supercomputers or clusters of dedicated Unix/Linux/NT workstations. LSF ActiveCluster, a complementary technology, allows enterprises to extend their processing reach by taking advantage of unused desktop cycles. When a PC is idle or underutilized, it contacts the LSF ActiveCluster server, which dispatches a suitable distributed computing job. Once the desktop completes the task, it returns results to the server and is assigned a new task. The LSF ActiveCluster client runs as a continuous background process, so the PC user sees no decrease in performance.

For further information see:


Metz Reaction Station Large Volume Parallel Synthesis

The Metz 6 Position Reaction Station offers parallel synthesis with refluxing in 150ml reaction vessels. Supplied with a set of glassware for parallel synthesis and refluxing, the Metz offers microprocessor controlled magnetic stirring from 400rpm to 2000rpm and a temperature range of ambient +5°C to 150°C. For inert chemical reactions, the glass assembly allows argon or nitrogen to be simultaneuously passed across all 6 reaction positions. The Metz 6 Position Unit is one of a range of Metz Reaction Stations, including 10, 25 and 50 Position models, Cooling models and systems designed for robotic integration.

For further information see:


Radleys Discovery Technologies launches new Web Site

Radleys Discovery Technologies (RDT), which specialises in the development of practical systems for parallel and combinatorial chemistry, has launched a new web site designed to provide product and application advice. offers a easy way to access product details and contains technical and application information.

The product section covers the full range of RDT products, including the Carousel Reaction Station and more recent developments such as the Stacker Parallel Purification, also contains details about the range of accessories and consumables. The Technical section, which will be regularly updated, includes scientific reports and application notes, as well as FAQs, to incorporate customer feedback.

For further information see:


New Maybridge Organics folder for synthetic chemists

Maybridge have created an Organics folder containing details of more than 2,000 organic building block compounds produced by the Maybridge CombiChem unit. These compounds provide a toolbox for the organic synthetic chemist complementing the recently launched Reactive Intermediates range. The Maybridge Organics folder includes monofunctional compounds, polyfunctional templates and other compound groups. For reference all products are arranged alphabetically within their subsections, classified according to functional group.

For further information see:


Maybridge databases now available online

Downloadable files of an extensive library of Maybridge databases has been added to the Maybridge website. The new files are of the Combinatorial Chemistry, Reactive Intermediates and HTS databases. These files will be updated on a monthly basis and are freely available to all visitors to the site in SD files, PDF files and Excel formats.

For further information see:


Elkay release Stronger Screw Capped Micro Tubes

Elkay release stronger screw capped micro tubes, designed for centrifugation and low temperature storage. Robustly constructed, these tubes are designed for working with or storing costly, low volume reagents or biological specimens. Elkay's new polypropylene micro tubes can withstand low temperature storage to -190ºC, autoclaving to +121ºC and centrifugation speeds to 17,000g.

The potential risk of explosion that could occur due to vacuum pressure build up when thawing samples from frozen, has been resolved by incorporating a safety gasket in the screw cap to ensure a leak tight seal especially during the thawing process. Various tube sizes, 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2ml are available, with or without printed graduations, and skirted or non-skirted footprints. The tubes come in sterile packs with natural coloured caps attached and in non-sterile packs. Separate caps are available in nine different colours.

For further information see:

Radleys introduce a Cooled Carousel for low temperature parallel synthesis

Radleys Discovery Technologies has extended its range of parallel synthesis reaction stations with a Cooled Carousel for low temperature applications to -70°C. Based on the original Carousel design, the Cooled Carousel fits on a standard stirrer and can simultaneously perform twelve cooled, inert and stirred reactions for parallel solution phase or solid supported reagent based synthesis.

The HDPE 'cooling reservoir' is compatible with a range of manual freezing mixtures, including dry ice / acetone for efficient cooling from ambient down to -70°C. The 'cooling reservoir's' incorporates an insulated foam core which maintains low temperatures for long periods, whilst protecting the stirrer from freezing. It also reduces condensation and ice formation on outer surfaces.

For further information see:




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