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Compound Libraries - I to Z

ACB Blocks Ltd
9/10 Building 2, Kolokolnikov per, Moscow, 103045, Russia
Telephone : 7 (095) 761 4365
Fax : 7 (095) 412 2787
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OnLine :

We offer a unique collection of more than 4000 building blocks representing different structural classes of compounds that can meet most requirements of any pharmaceutical laboratory working in the field of combinatorial chemistry. Our building blocks contain various pharmacophoric fragments and a number of substituents can be added upon request.

Advanced ChemTech Europe Ltd
7, St. George's Tower, Hatley St. George, Sandy, Cambridgeshire, UK
Telephone : 44 (0) 1767 651166
Fax : 44 (0) 1767 651177
Email :
OnLine :

Surveyor Diversity Libraries are collections of compounds available royalty free from Advanced ChemTech. Over 50,000 compounds, representing a variety of structure types and dozens of novel scaffolds, are currently available. Many incorporate a range of unusual starting materials that are not commercially available. Includes novel heterocyclic and peptidomimetic compounds designed for a high degree of diversity.


Advanced Technology for Organic Synthesis
Mira 19, Ekaterinburg, 620002, Russia
Telephone : +7 (3432) 745483
Fax : +
7 (3432) 420086 and 377845
Email :
OnLine :

We offer diverse collection of 15000 Heterocyclic Compounds and 5 Smart Libraries of Ugi reaction products. Isocyanides, Isothiocyanates, Thioamides, Heteroaromatic Acids and Aldehydes used in our work can be supplied to you as convenient building blocks. Both building blocks and small libraries can be prepared exclusively for you from your starting compounds.

ASDI BioSciences, Inc.
2311 Ogletown Road, Newark, DE 19711
Telephone : 302 737 4903
Fax : 302 737 4923

6 Schukinskaya ulitsa
Moscow 123182 Russia
Telephone : 7 095 190 7960
Fax : 7 095 190 1213

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OnLine :

ASINEX has been supplying the global chemistry industry since the middle of the last decade. We offer the diverse collections of more than 200,000 unique hand-crafted organic compounds and present the full-scale services in lead discovery and lead optimization.

Our web site will lead you to the world of intelligent chemistry.

Affymax Research Institute
4001 Miranda Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94304, U.S.A.
Telephone : 415 496 2300
Fax : 415 424 0832

BioFocus plc
130 Abbott Drive, Sittingbourne Research Centre, Sittingbourne, ME9 8AZ, UK.
Telephone :44 (0) 1795 412300
Fax : 44 (0) 1795 471123
Email :
OnLine : 

BioFocus offers a flexible and wide range of integrated chemistry solutions for applied drug discovery. With practical, industry-based expertise in medicinal, combinatorial and computational chemistries we provide a full service from lead discovery to lead optimisation and development candidate selection, including :-

  • SoftFocus(TM) non-exclusive, biologically targeted lead discovery libraries
  • Customised library design and synthesis, specialising in small, focused libraries of high purity, single compounds.
  • Lead expansion and optimisation of client hit molecules.
  • QSAR, molecular modelling and statistical data analysis.
  • Design and synthesis of arrays for patent exemplification purposes.

Bionet Research
( A division of Key Organics Limited )
Unit 2, Highfield Road, Camelford, PL32 9QZ, UK
Telephone :44 (0) 1840 212171
Fax : 44 (0) 1840 213712
Email :
OnLine :

Bionet Research has a unique, diverse library of organic compounds for your discovery needs. We synthesise all the compounds ourselves using classical methods and believe that these compounds are unique to Bionet Research. Experience has shown very little overlap with other commercially available chemical libraries. The database includes information based on 'Lipinski's rule of 5'.

Quality compounds for your screening requirements

Biotage UK Ltd.
15 Harforde Court, Foxholes Business Park, Hertford
SG13 7NW, UK
Telephone : 01992 501535
Fax : 01992 501547
Email :
OnLine :

Compound Libraries are most valuable when they consist of pure, characterised compounds. Since libraries often consist of large numbers of compounds, the demand for a high throughput purification system is compelling.

The Parallex Flex HPLC System™ is a high throughput purification system designed to speed up the drug discovery process. It is a scalable system, and is offered in 1,2,3 or 4 channel versions with an easy upgrade path to the next level. In 4-channel form, the Flex system allows purification of up to 400 samples per day - the highest throughput of any HPLC system on the market. It operates with an open access software interface, making it ideal for the occasional user and expert alike and its unique ‘open vendor’ software format allows easy communication with other devices such as synthesisers, mass spectrometers, etc. This allows the complete integration of purity, characterisation and quantitation data – ideal for compound libraries.

To find out more about Biotage, visit our website

128 rue Danton, BP 50601, 92506 Rueil Malmaison cedex, France
Telephone : 33 1 55 94 84 00
Fax : 33 1 55 94 84 10

Suppliers of historical compound collections for HTS

ChemBridge Corporation
16981 Via Tazon, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92127, USA
Telephone : 858 451 7400
Fax : 858 451 7401
Email :
OnLine :

ChemBridge Europe
23 Blackberry Way, Evesham, Worcs WR11 6AH, UK
Telephone : 44 (0) 1386 765519
Fax : 44 (0) 1386 423336

DRUG-LIKE SMALL MOLECULES FOR HTS - ChemBridge Corporation provides small-molecule screening libraries for lead generation. Libraries of over 100,000 drug-like small molecules can be obtained from pre-designed, pre-selected collections: PRIME-Collection 2000™, DIVERSet™, SCREEN-Set™, CNS-Set™. Researchers can also select their own compounds with EXPRESS-Pick™ and CHERRY-Pick™. Combinatorial libraries (PHARMACore™) and building blocks (PHARMABlocks™) are also available. Check our web site for the latest information.

High Quality Libraries for Drug Discovery Screening

ChemDiv, Inc
11575 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 210, San Diego 92121 CA USA
Telephone : 858 794 4860
Fax : 858 794 4931
Email :
OnLine :

World Largest Small Molecules Collection for Bioscreening. Full Range of Customized Chemistry Products and Services for Lead Discovery and Optimization.

  • All libraries have very high purity and sufficient material availability for further research;
  • 'Diverse but targeted' approach;
  • Active development of proprietary cheminformatic systems for integrated support for all chemistry discovery and development processes.

6166 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
Telephone : 858 450 9740
Fax : 858 625 2377
Email :
Online :

ChemNavigator's Internet-based iResearch™ System employs structure based searching and acts as a powerful extension of your in-house chemistry department, offering affordable, hard-to-find compounds from a global network of suppliers. Search the iResearch™ System Library for similar compounds to your lead to avoid the costs and delays associated with synthesis when commercially available compounds are available at your fingertips. Registration is free and simple. Visit our site at

Over 1,000,000 commercially available drug-like compounds

ChemRx Advanced Technologies
385 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 1, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Telephone : 650 829 1400
Fax : 650 829 1202
Email :
OnLine :

ChemRx Advanced Technologies, founded in 1998, is a world leader in the design and production of innovative combinatorial and medicinal chemistry products and services. We provide diversity libraries for high throughput screening, focused libraries to follow-up rapidly on a lead, targeted libraries designed against pharmaceutically relevant targets, and custom medicinal chemistry support. Using highly validated protocols, ChemRx provides reproducible, high quality chemistry. ChemRx's expertise can shorten the time to develop a lead compound and take it to market.

Chemspeed Ltd
Rheinstrasse 32, CH 4302 Augst, Switzerland
Telephone : 41 61 816 9500,
Fax : 41 61 816 9509
Email :
OnLine :

At Chemspeed’s laboratories in Switzerland our experienced staff of Ph.D. chemists and lab technicians offers customers its services in parallel synthesis. The intensive use of our own automation systems guarantees optimal results, high quality, and fast delivery of libraries, or compounds in gram quantities, to our obligees.

Visit our website for the latest developments at Chemspeed

Chirotech Technology Limited
Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WG, UK
Telephone : 44 (0) 1223 428645
Fax : 44 (0) 1223 42872
Email :
OnLine :

ChiroTech is a leading provider of chiral and speciality chemical products and services, ranging from technology consultancy, through the sale of small quantities of proprietary chemical building blocks and catalysts, to the provision of multi-tonne quantities of advanced chiral intermediates. For more information check our web site now.

ClickChem Library Synthesis

Coelacanth Corporation
279 Princeton-Hightstown Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520, USA
Telephone : 609 448 8200
Fax : 609 448 8299
Email :
OnLine :

Coelacanth was founded to satisfy the growing demand of the biopharmaceutical industry for high quality combinatorial libraries by combining originality with "drug-like" themes. Our core technologies include the design and synthesis of pharmacophoric and novel compound libraries, utilization of Click-Chem™-based synthetic strategies, and Pharmaceutical Property Profiling - P3 for use in accelerated pre-clinical screening.

The source of high quality combinatorial libraries with "drug-like" themes

ComGenex, Inc.
Bem rakpart 33-34, Budapest 1027, Hungary
Telephone : 36 1 214 2306
Fax : 36 1 214 2310
OnLine :

East Coast Office, USA
ComGenex International
Fax : 732 438 8004

ComGenex provides high-quality and innovative products & services, to enhance your HTS and drug discovery programs. In addition to our HTS compound supply, we have extended our synthetic capacity and integrated other key skills within the ComGenex group to be able to offer an expanded range of services relevant to our clients' HTS candidate generation, lead explosion and lead validation activities.

ChemStar Ltd
Leningradskii Prospekt 47, Office 465, Moscow 125167, Russia
Telephone : 7 095 967 8197
Fax : 7 095 977 5665

Dr Eckert GmbH
Lilienthalstr 29, D-85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany
Telephone : +49 811 99 86 230
Fax : +49 811 99 86 250

DuPont Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories
4570 Executive Drive, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
Telephone : 302 992 5000

OnLine :

DuPont Pharmaceuticals (formerly Combichem, Inc.) integrates proprietary computer modeling technology with advanced chemistry expertise to discover potential new drug compounds, as well as compounds that have applications in agriculture and materials sciences. The company uses computer-based methods to shorten the time of discovery, identify potential drug development problems early and to point the way to new compounds not previously considered.

Tolmachev Andrei, I.Kudri.str.31 Apt.17, 01042 Kiev 042, Ukraine
Telephone : 380 44 209 9273
Fax : 380 44 269 6794
Email :

OnLine :

At present "Enamine" has the largest collection of original chemical substances in Ukraine. "Enamine" has the unique database of available compounds and virtual database. The available collection contains more then 85 000 original compounds. The virtual database is over 1 200 000 compounds. We do custom synthesis and scientific research programs

Compound Libraries - I to Z

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