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Events archive - July '01 and before

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Past Events in Chronological order, most recent last
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June 2001

10th European Congress on Biotechnology "Biotechnological Challenges in the New Millenium"
3 - 12th June, 2001, Madrid, Spain

EuroBiochips, Congress on Microarray & Microfluidics Technology
5 - 8th June 2001, The Hilton, Munich Park, Germany

ICBL 2001: 42nd International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids
5 - 9th June, 2001, Bergen, Norway

The CU-Array Biopharma Symposium Synthetic Organicand Medicinal Chemistry
6 - 8th June, 2001, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Advanced Bacterial Genetics
6 - 26th June, 2001, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA

XVI Helsinki University Congress of Drug Reasearch
7 - 8th June, 2001, Helsinki, Finland

17th American Peptide Symposium
9 - 14th June, 2001
San Diego, CA, USA

Supported by CombiChem.net

Transducers '01 Eurosensors XV
10 - 14th June, 2001, Munich, Germany

Molecular Cell Biology
10 - 15th June, 2001,TILTON, NH, USA

2nd International Symposium on Mechanisms, Models and Predictions of Idiosyncratic Drug Toxicity
11 - 13th June, 2001
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

2nd International Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Development Summit
11 - 12th June, 2001, Princeton, NJ, USA

GPCR- Taking Receptors from Orphans to Drugs
11 - 13th, June 2001, Litchfield Park, AZ, USA

Idiosyncratic Drug Toxicity
11 - 13th, June 2001, Baltimore, MD, USA

Eighth Annual High Throughput Technologies
11 - 13th June, 2001, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An Introductory Course to Drug Devleopment
12 - 13th, June 2001, London, U.K.

Conference on Genes and Genomes - Annotation Issues
12 - 15th June 2001, Hinxton, UK

The 2001 BioInvestment Forum
13-14th June, 2001, Boston, MA

56th ACS Northwest Regional Meeting
14 - 17th June, 2001, Seattle, Washington

56th ACS Northwest Regional Meeting
14 - 17th June, 2001, Seattle, Washington

Topics will include Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry, Biological
Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics of Biological Membranes, Nanotechnology and
Electronic Materials, Genomics and Proteomics, Instrumentation in the 21st
Century and Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Final programme
available end of April.

Abstracts must be submitted via the web by March 16, 2001
Advance Registration opens on the web April 9, 2001

ACS Member Cost: $75 ; Non-member Cost: $95

17 - 22nd June, 2001, Meriden, New Hampshire, USA

Beyond Genome 2001
17-22nd June, 2001, San Francisco, California, USA

Streamlining Drug Discovery with High throughput Screening
18 - 19th June, 2001, London, UK

18 - 21st June, 2001, Convention Centre Basel, Switzerland

Beyond Genome: Bioinformatics and Genome Research, In Silico Biology & Proteomics
18 - 22nd June 2001, San Francisco, California, USA

Beyond Genome is a week-long event covering a number of computational tools used in the analysis and correlation of genomic data. The first two days are dedicated to Bioinformatics and Genome Research, focusing on the computational advances necessary to comprehend the vast amount of information gathered through the Human Genome Project. Next, the In Silico Biology conference explores computational tools in development that translate raw data into workable models or simulations, providing guidance for target selection. The final portion of this event concentrates on Proteomics, offering in-depth coverage of the high-throughput protein expression analysis and characterization field, as well as its impact on diagnostic and therapeutic product development.

Sponsored by Lab-on-a-Chip.com

Making and Using DNA Microarrays
19 - 26th June, 2001, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA

BIO 2001 International Convention & Exhibition
24 - 27th June, 2001, San Diego, California, USA

NERM 2001
American Chemical Society 30th Northeast Regional Meeting
24 - 27th June, 2001, Durham, NH, USA

Symposia will be held on Advances in Polymer Composites, Delivery systems and Analytical Techniques, From Molecules to Nanomaterials, Reactive and Unusual Organic Molecules, Proteomics and Glycomics, Reversible Molecular Interactions, Functional Glycomics, Ultrafast Dynamics and Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Abstracts are due by March 1, 2001.

Online registration will be available on March 15, 2001.

Interphex Japan
27 - 29th, June 2001
Big Sight International Exhibition Center,Tokyo, Japan

Pharma R&D Directions
27 - 29th June, 2001, Barcelona, Spain

Mining the Knowledge of the New Genomes
28th June, 2001, University of Oxford, UK

11th Intl. Congress on Genes, Gene Families and Isozymes
30th June - 5th July, 2001, Stockholm, Sweden

July 2001

EuroCombi - Budapest 2001
1 - 5th July, 2001, Budapest, Hungary

This inaugural meeting offers an exciting and innovative program providing the most comprehensive coverage of the whole field of combinatorial science. Topics include synthetic methodologies, robotics, material science and bioinformatics. Pre-symposium tutorials and vendor`s seminars will also be organized both for beginners and professionals.

Sponsored by CombiChem.net

International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2001)
1 - 6th July, 2001, Singapore

Molecular and Genetic Basis of Cellular Proliferation; New London
1 - 6th July, 2001, New London, NH, USA

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2001
3 -7th July 2001, Honolulu, HI US

Behavioral Genetics Assoc. 2001 Meeting
8 - 11th, July 2001, Cambridge, UK

Drug Metabolism
8 - 13th July, 2001, Holderness School, USA

Medicinal Chemistry
9 - 13th July, 2001 , University of Nottingham, UK

CSSS75, 75th Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
10 - 13th July 2001, Pittsburg, USA

A Coming of Phage: Bacteriophages in Biotechnology
13th July, 2001,
London, UK

Combinatorial Chemistry
Jul 15, 2001 to Jul 20, 2001, Tilton, New Hampshire,USA

Session Topics:

  • Diversity Analyses / Library Control
  • Virtual Screening of Combinatorial Libraries
  • Actual Screening of Combinatorial Libraries
  • To Be Determined
  • Targeted Libraries for Optimization and SAR Development
  • Combinatorial Chemistry Intersection with Genomics/Proteomics
  • Value-addition to Combinatorial Libraries, (ADME Properties, etc)
  • High Throughput Analyses (MS & NMR) & Purification
  • Combinatorial Technologies for Materials Science, Catalysis, and Non-Pharma Applications

Complimentary Seminar - Integrated Data Management System for Drug Discovery and Development
16th Jul, 2001 London, UK

New Genomic Technologies Accelerating Drug Discovery
16-18th July, 2001, Princeton, NJ, USA

Now that the human genome has been elucidated and analysed, the newest technologies are driving science ever closer to therapeutics. This conference brings together the whole genomics world at this exciting time in the revolution.

Sponsored by PharmacoGenomicsonline.com

16 - 18th July, 2001, San Diego, CA, USA

Combinatorial Approaches to Chemistry and Biology III
16 - 18th July, 2001
Churchill College , Cambridge, UK

The latest technologies and applications used in combinatorial chemistry, including automation, miniaturisation and high speed purification will also be discussed, and there will be a presentation of worked examples of the impact of combinatorial chemistry in product discovery and how it integrates with other discovery technologies.

Speakers will include: Prof John Ellmann Univ of California, Berkeley); Bob Boyle (Millenium Pharmaceuticals); Prof Steven Ley (Univ of Cmabridge); Brian Moloney (Oxford Asymmetry); Michael South (Pharmacia).

Supported by CombiChem.net

Complimentary Seminar - Integrated Data Management System for Drug Discovery and Development
17th Jul, 2001 Basel, Switzerland & 18th Jul, Berlin, Germany

Laboratory Robotics Interest Group
19 July, 2001, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Biology of Aging: From Genetics to Physiology
22 - 27th July, 2001, Oxford, United Kingdom

EMarketing for Pharma
23 - 25th July, 2001
Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Hamilton, Bermuda

Eukaryotic Gene Expression
24th July - 13th August, 2001, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA

Yeast Genetics
24th July - 13th August, 2001, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA

Analitica Latin America 2001
24 - 26th July, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Technology Transfer For the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries
25 - 27th July, 2001
San Francisco, CA, USA

Biocalorimetry 2001 Conference: Current Trends in Microcalorimetry
26 - 28th July, 2001
Renaissance Hotel, Philadelphia Airport

15th Symposium of the Protein Society
28th July - 1st August, 2001, Philadelphia, PA

3rd Annual Angiogenesis: Innovative Science and New Applications
30 - 31st July , 2001
Swissotel Boston, Boston, MA

Strategies for Compliance: How to Avoid a Warning Letter
30th July - 1st August, 2001
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Pharmaceutical Excipients Strategies for Meeting Regulatory and Technical Challenges
30th July - 1st August, 2001
Philadelphia, PA, USA

5th Annual Medical Device Design Controls & Process Validation
30 - 31st July, 2001
San Diego, CA, USA

RSC Annual Conference 2001
30th Jul - 2nd Aug, 2001, ICC, Birmingham, UK

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