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Events: November 2002

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NanoTech 2002, 26 - 28 November, Montreux, Switzerland Advancing library design and organic synthesis, 24-27 Feb, San Diego, CA, USA

November 2002

Best Practices for Bioanalytical Development and Validation
4 - 5 November, Chicago, IL, USA
Best Practices in 21 CFR Part 11 (Advanced Level)
4 - 5 November, San Francisco, CA, USA

ChiraSource 2002 - North America
4 - 6 November, Philadelphia, PA, USA

LRIG Europe: 3rd Conference and Exhibition
7 November, Oxford, UK

CombiCat2002 North America
7 - 8 November, Philadelphia, PA, USA
The advance of combinatorial and high throughput screening continues at an unrelenting pace, with new technologies, services and instrumentation constantly coming onto the market - combinatorial catalysis is no exception to this trend.

CombiCat2002 will look at the latest industrial and academic advances in combinatorial catalysis, including heterogeneous catalysts, organometallic catalysts and biocatalysts. But it is not possible to examine combinatorial catalysis in isolation from other advances in combinatorial materials R&D and so the conference will also cover major developments in combinatorial ans HTS techniques to other materials, including polymers and electronics, making the scope of CombiCat2002 greater than ever before.

Sponsored by HighThroughputExperimentation.com

The 78th AIC Annual Meeting
7 - 9 November, Boston, MA, USA
AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition
10 - 14 November, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Clinical Trials and Drug Development in Pain Therapeutics
11 - 13 November, Washington, DC

BioITWorld Conference and Expo
12 - 14 November, San Diego, CA, USA

Vaccine Forum Fall 2002
12 - 15 November, Boston, MA, USA

Genomics on Target: from Function to Validation
18 - 21 November, Boston, MA, USA

Genomics On Target presents more than eighty talks focused on early-stage drug discovery in two two-day, back-to-back conferences. Topics discussed on 18/19 November will concentrate on functional genomics and chemical genomics while those on 20/21 November will cover animal models and high-throughput target validation. Delegates may choose to attend either of the two day conferences or stay for all four days.

Sponsored by PharmacoGenomicsOnline.com

International Biotech
19 - 20 November, London, UK

Complying with 21 CFR Part 11 - Electronic Signatures and Records
20 - 21 November, Crawley, UK

BioFuture 2002
21 - 22 November, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Analytical Validation
25 - 26 November, London, UK

NanoTech 2002, 26 - 28 November, Montreux, Switzerland NanoTech 2002
26 - 28 November, Montreux, Switzerland
NanoTech 2002 will gather together the most prominent scientists in the field of micro and nano scale technologies to discuss the latest developments and applications to biosciences and clinical diagnostics. An introduction to the technologies will be given in a two day course, immediately prior to the conference.
Sponsored by Lab-on-a-Chip.com

Events December 2002

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