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Events: February 2003

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Advancing library design and organic synthesis, 24-27 Feb, San Diego, CA, USA

LabAutomation 2003
1 - 5 February, Palm Springs, CA, USA
The five day LabAutomation 2003 conference will bring together leading international scientists from industry and academia to discuss the latest developments and future trends in laboratory automation. In addition to the extensive conference program, there will be a selection of one and two day short courses on a variety of topics relating to laboratory automation and a suppliers exhibition.
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Comprehensive Program in Computer-Aided Drug Design
10 - 14 February, San Diego, CA, USA

World Drug Discovery Summit
17 - 19 February, Copenhagen, Denmark

23 - 27 February, San Francisco, CA, USA

Advancing library design and organic synthesis, 24-27 Feb, San Diego, CA, USA Advancing Library Design and Organic Synthesis
24 - 27 February, San Diego, CA, USA
Frustration at the lack of drugs entering the market is leading pharmaceutical companies to examine how libraries are designed and synthesised. Emphasis has shifted to smaller, more focused libraries and diverse, natural product-like libraries. This conference will highlight both strategies as well as technologies such as microwave chemistry, multicomponent reaction chemistry and novel resins, linkers and catalysts. Analytical and purification techniques, management of purification data and compound storage will also be discussed.
Sponsored by CombiChem.net

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